# COVID-19 #lockdownday3 #mealprep

This quick, easy and nutritious vegetable recipe credit to @gutekueche.at

One pot vegetable

I promised I‘ll give feedback after prepping, here it is the video will tell it all specially at the end all done for family of four. Really so good served with bread (not in video), I ate with my spelt bread. Another vegetable recipe added to my collection of #eatingasmedicine so yummy, again thumbs up and kudos to @gutekueche.at


2tbsp Oil, I used Linseed oil as always

1pc Onion, I opted to red one for color

4 cloves Garlic

3pcs Carrot

2pc Chili Pepper

half a Head of small Celery

1pc Turnip Cabbage (Kohlrabi)

1tbsp Paprika Powder

half a Liter or more Vegetable broth

Salt and Pepper to taste

a handful chopped Parsley

2pcs Potatoes



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