🇵🇭“LASWA“ with FEW SHRIMP (Vegetables with Few Shrimp)

Why few shrimp? Simply because „eating as medicine“ and „in moderation“. Do you believe that eating or nutrition can heal. And lots of vegetables ideal for healthy diet. He/She who suffer from chronic illness and want to do something themselves to make them feel better, the right nutrition offers great opportunities for this. The reason why for me preferably more vegetables than meat. Today‘s prepping is all about „LASWA“ (vegetables) in which I added few Shrimps just to give a little bit flavor of it.

„LASWA“ ( vegetables) with shrimp

There are so many version of this specially in Western Visayas region in the Philippines. Check out the other version I‘ve cooked before:



250g Squash

1pc Eggplant

1pc Zucchini

a handful Lima beans

a handful Okra

2pcs small Sponge gourd

1pc Onion

1pc Tomato

some Water

Salt to taste

100g or 6pcs Shrimp



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