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Choi sum or Choy sum a Chinese flowering cabbage usually serve as side dish. My first time to try this green leafy vegetable. Hubby keep telling me is just like Pechay or Pak choi but it was not. The taste is totally differ from the said vegetable. Sautéed with garlic and seasoned with oyster sauce. Drizzled With sesame seeds oil. Today’s linner with pork liver.

Sautéed Choi Sum


a bunch of Choi sum

about 6 cloves crushed Garlic 🧄

2tbsp Olive oil

some Water

2tbsp Oyster 🦪 Sauce

drizzle of Sesame seeds oil




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You asked what’s today’s brekky? Here it is, pork „ adobo“ fried rice. It was the left over from hubby’s pork belly „adobo“ the other day. Then, I cooked the fried rice, with lots of crushed garlic, and the rice was stirred in the pork adobo sauce and few fat meat and some salt for more taste. I serve it with sliced knuckle of pork meat. Of course because we are Filipino we love fried rice for breakfast.🤪 Thank you so much for dropping by here, for your likes , comments and subscriptions. Please visit my YOUTUBE Channel too.

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„“Adobo“ fried rice with sliced knuckle of pork meat


about 4cups of cold cooked rice

small bowl of left over pork adobo sauce

crushed Garlic 🧄 peeled

Vegetable oil

Salt 🧂 to taste



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This recipe good for high blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver. Low-fat dairy products like yogurt in veggie soup are super healthy for menopausal women because they provide plenty of calcium and thus help to fight against natural aging and breakdown process of our bone structure. Combined with vitamin C in lemon makes easier for metabolism to absorb calcium.

Oriental chickpeas soup


150g Chickpeas ( in can)

300g or 2pcs small Zucchini

1pc big Onion 🧅

2 cloves Garlic 🧄

2tbsp Linseed oil or any vegetable oil

1tsp Cumin

600 ml Vegetable broth

1tsp Turmeric

Lemon 🍋 juice

1pc Egg 🥚

200g of 0,1% Yogurt, low-fat



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Eggplant 🍆 goes well with fish, meat, and pasta or the vegetable are served as main course, appetizer as well as salad. Now it is spring time the start of more salads and vegetables will be included in my daily meal prepping. Eggplant is low in calories and carbohydrates but high in fiber and non-starchy vegetable. It is a good source of potassium. Day 13 of lockdown for us here in Vienna. With pasta and eggplant landed on the table for lunch. Cheap and easy recipe for home prepping meal.

Eggplant-Carrot Pasta


150ml Tomato Purée

250g Spaghetti

2tbsp Linseed oil or any vegetable oil you have

1pc Onion 🧅

3 cloves Garlic 🧄

3pcs Tomatoes 🍅

2pcs Carrot 🥕

2pcs Eggplant 🍆

2tbsps Tomato Paste

1tbsp Dried Basil leaves

1/4Liter vegetable broth

1tbsp Dried Oregano

Salt 🧂 and Pepper to taste

some Cheese for topping ( optional)


🇵🇭MUNG BEAN & HORSERADISH LEAF (Mungo at Malunggay)

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Why is the the tradition of Filipino the Mung Bean (Munggo) dish every Friday? Does anyone here knows why? Maybe because in the Philippines people gets their salary every Friday. On Thursday they running out of budget already to extend it mung bean is cheaper than meat. With this as alternative to meat you can extend the quantity by adding vegetable and pork fat like „chicharron“. It make sense, you have soup and vegetable as viand in cheaper cooking. Do you agree with me? Well what ever the reason why, here is from my kitchen today’s meal prepping.🤣

Munggo at Malunggay

I ate with my boiled African banana.🍌Served with plain rice 🍚 and fried fish (horse mackerel) see Video down here⬇️

Munggo, Malunggay at nilagang Saging🍌


a Cup of boiled Mung Bean

200g Pork Belly

1pc Onion 🧅

1pc Tomato 🍅

Salt 🧂 to taste

2tbsp Anchovy sauce, mix in vegetable broth

a bunch of Horseradish leaf (Malunggay leaves)

half a Liter or more Vegetable broth



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„Dinengdeng“ is an Ilocano dish in the Philippines 🇵🇭 similar to „Pinakbet“. It is also classified as a „Bagoong Monamon“ soup base unlike „Pinakbet“. I am half Ilocano, haft Visayan so I should know this.🤪 Here what I have at home fewer vegetables no squash or pumpkin. Topped with fried small mackerel. Was the last mackerel I got from India shop a day before lockdown in Vienna.

👩‍🍳FOR MORE VEGETABLE RECIPES:⬇️ https://crazyhomecooking.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/sea-foods-and-vegetables/

Simple „Dinengdeng“

Because we are Filipino served with white plain rice.🍚 For me with my brown rice.


A bunch of String beans ( Sitaw)

a bunch of Horseradish fruit- Moringa fruit ( Bunga ng Malunggay)

3pcs small Eggplant 🍆

2tbsp Any Vegetable Oil

1pc Onion 🧅

1pc Tomato 🍅

4 to 5tbsps Anchovy Sauce to taste ( preferably Bagoong Balayan)



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👩‍🍳What is this? Is a Thai dessert, small balls made out of glutinous rice cooked in coconut 🥥 milk with sugar. Others may add purple yam. Here I added purple yam powder, boiled tapioca pearl, and Nata de coco. Happy prepping everyone. This what COVID-19 brought us. At home I’m always trying recipes around the the world not only our very own cuisine.

Bua loi dessert

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1 Cup of glutinous rice flour

400ml Coconut 🥥 milk

3tbsps Purple Yam powder

1tsp Salt🧂

1 Cup Sugar or less ( I used Erythritol, sugar alternative)

1 Glass of Nata de Coco

Some Water for pre-cooking rice balls



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Haft of humanity eats rice. Not only it taste good but also also from nutritional perspective rice is unbeatable. It contains high quality carbohydrates, low fat and no cholesterol. But for diabetic should be in moderation. Brown rice also contains vitamin B and minerals. What I did here sort of fried rice but not exactly, adding tomato purée and tuna in can first sauté onion and garlic.

Tuna-tomato rice

Varieties are also the preparation methods such as for starters, main course, as salads, party snacks, pastries and desserts. In the Philippines we have lots of recipes for desserts, pastries and party snacks which are made out of rice.


1pc Onion 🧅

2 cloves Garlic 🧄

3tbsps Vegetable oil

4tbsp Tomato 🍅 Purée

1tsp Thyme

1tsp Oregano 🌿

150g cooked cold rice 🍚

1can Tuna or if you want more Tuna take two cans

a handful chopped Parsley


🇵🇭SAUTÉED CHAYOTE SQUASH ( Sayote Guisado/ Mirliton)

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Chayote squash or mirliton is very low calories and rich source of dietary fiber. Here i added carrots that makes dish sweet because chayote alone have a mild sweet taste. It can be added to salads and slaws too not only for sautéing. Which we all know in the Philippines 🇵🇭 I would love to try more recipes of chayote for the next weeks such as salad and pie.

Sautéed Chayote


2pcs Chayote

1pc Onion🧅 ,I opted to red onion because of the color

2 cloves Garlic 🧄

2tbsps Olive Oil

100g Pork Belly, the one I added here roasted a day before

2pcs Carrots 🥕

1pc Tomato 🍅

some Water, just enough to cook vegetables

Fish Sauce to taste (Patis), you can adjust the taste by adding Salt



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Another way of prepping broccoli soup. Not too creamy compared to what I cooked for our Noche Buena year 2012. See link down here:⬇️


Broccoli soup

Soups are always welcome. This soup recipe warms our body and gives strength so why not give a try. Vegetables my life saver, since I’m diabetic with fatty liver and hypertension. And recently I‘ve been enjoying cooking all these stuff the simple taste with only few ingredients seasoned with herbs. For my family I cook separately recipe which I am sharing with all of you everyday all over the world. Thank you so much for dropping by here. Please check out my YOUTUBE Channel.


1 whole head Broccoli

1pc Red Onion

2 cloves Garlic

2tbsp Linseed oil or any vegetable oil

some Chili flakes (optional)

10ml with 1% fat Cooking cream (optional)

half a Liter Vegetable broth

Salt to taste