Beef goulash is a hearty main course. Here is a great recipe for a successful dish that I want to share with you. I don’t add much onion just like other European recipe about half a kilo onion. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Check it out people.

Beef goulash


500g Beef meat for goulash the best is the shoulder part

2pcs big Onion

1tbsp Tomato paste

2tbsp Paprika powder

Pinch of Caraway seeds

1 1/2tbsp Vinegar

4 cloves Garlic

Salt and Pepper

1tsp Marjoram

1/4Liter Beef broth

3pcs small Potatoes

2tbsp Olive oil


👩‍🍳MY COOKING ON VALENTINES DAY! Down here, way back 11 years ago. And here I used Maggi Fix for Goulash base. Another option compared to the one above. The choice is yours. Thanks for dropping by and please check my YOUTUBE CHANNEL too.


Romaine lettuce is the usual use in salad like Caesar salad but like other lettuces may also be cooked. It can be braised or made into soup. Here added to pork belly and shrimp in sour soup.

Romaine lettuce in sour soup


200g Pork belly

300g Shrimp

250g Romaine lettuce

1pc Onion

1pc Tomato

1/2 Liter Water

1tbsp Maggi Magic Sinigang with Gabi Mix

2tbsp Fish Sauce to taste



What is this all about? Actually this was yesterday’s soup. You know that, Sunday is soup day in my kitchen. Since I made fusilli con polpettine yesterday for my niece and daughter I wasn’t able to upload this recipe. Romanesco taste more intense than cauliflower. Green and healthy, it is very low in calorie and contains a lot of vitamin C, folic acid, provitamins A and niacin. The latter is important for protein and fat metabolism.

Romanesco Chicken Soup


2pcs Chicken thighs

1pc Zucchini or Courgette

1pc Romanesco Broccoli

1pc Romanesco Cauliflower

3pcs small Carrots

50g Leek

1pc Green Bell Pepper

1pc Red Onion

2tbsp Olive oil

some Salt

half a Liter Chicken broth


🇮🇹FUSILLI con POLPETTINE (Fusilli Pasta with Tiny Meatballs)

Now cooking just like in Italy, but not exactly it is iCookiTravel‘s recipe and you are in my world. Using full grain-Spelt pasta, Spirelle or spiral noodles are often called in German and homemade tiny beef meatballs. This recipe yields for four persons. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, thank you for visiting here you can also leave some lines at comment box I want to hear from you too.

Fusilli con Polpettine


500g Full grain-Spelt

1pc Onion

1pc Carrot

1pc Zucchini or Courgette

2tbsp dried Basil leaves

some Water

390g peeled Tomatoes, chopped

1tbsp Beef broth powder

1tbsp Coriander powder

200g Cheese of your preference

2tbsp Coconut oil

Some Salt and Pepper


500g minced Beef

2tbsp chopped Chive

1pc Egg

some Salt and Pepper

2tbsp Tapioca flour

2tbsp Coconut oil to brown meatballs



This curry dish is quick to prepare and can be varied easily. With the vegetables you can vary according to your preference. I added eggplant, potato, celery, and carrot. Zucchini or Courgettes, Peppers, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, spinach, lentils or beans goes well with it.

iCookiTravel‘s Shrimp-Chicken Curry


500g Chicken thighs

1pc Onion

4 cloves Garlic

1pc Tomato

2pcs small Potatoes

1pc Carrot

1pc Eggplant

1 stem Celery

Salt and Pepper

400ml Coconut milk

4tbsp Olive oil

1tbsp Yellow Curry Powder



Nutritional benefits of eating sardines it helps prevent heart disease due to their anti inflammatory properties. According to studies. Winter time is the season for this fish. You could get it for almost five euro per kilo near us. Every Tuesday they sell it fresh at Turkey shop. Today I bought it again just one kilo and fried it the way my hubby likes it. Served with salad and rice. Happy prepping and guten Appetit! Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

My fried sardines


1kilo Fresh Sardines

some Tapioca flour


Vegetable Oil for deep frying

Fresh homemade salad


1pc Cucumber

2pc Carrot

10g Mint and Parsley

1pc Lime

some Salt

150g Radish

some Sugar



The said „Taro“ is from Tahitian. In my country-Philippines, Taro is called „Gabi“. A popular rendition of the Taro is „Laing“ which originates from the Bicol region in Southern Luzon. Here I cooked the tubers, stem or stalk, and few leaves. Seasoned with just salt not with fermented shrimp or fish Bagoong. But it is heavily spiced with red, green and orange chili’s or sili. Thank you so much for watching and please don’t forget to subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Leek and Taro in coconut milk


1kg Taro with tubers, leaves and stem or stalk

300g Leek

6pcs Spicy Chilis

some Salt to taste

1Liter Coconut Milk

1whole Smoked Mackerel flakes

500g Shrimps

some Water just enough to cook the shrimp

6 cloves Garlic

10g Ginger

4tbsp Coconut oil



Throwback, some of my home food prepping during the time my cousin Gie and her son was with us. During their Europe vacation.

That was linner, the first meal I prepared for my cousin Gie and her son. Oven trout, salad, Sarma ( stuffed cabbage), and knuckle of pork (Stelze) and because we are Filipinos rice is a must!

Here again brekky with boiled Frankfurter, toast bread, strawberry in sour cream, coffee and tea. The time my cousin Gie and her son took their vacation in Vienna. Of course my doggy Mary and Riyad also on the picture.

My spaghetti requested by Noah, Gie’s son (cousin). Bolognese is the sauce I made for them with grana padano cheese plus salad and sliced apples. Someone requested for coffee and tea too.

Food memories brekky a la Pinoy (Filipino) too heavy never again! Imagine; fried rice, longganisa, fried tuyo, scrambled eggs, sunny side egg, and for dipping vinegar with chili spicy of course plus tea and coffee Jesus Christ! What unhealthy life style never again!

🇦🇹MY DOGS🐕 🐶

My dogs keep me happy and healthy, do you agree?

The relationship I have with them is good for my heart and soul. Specially walking with Mary🐶 can help keep me healthy which I really need even for 30 minutes a day, a big help for a diabetic like me. To think coming home to them after work reduces my stress.

Dian-Grace (daughter) with Mary🐶

According to researchers, owners love their pets in the same way as family members, and that’s true that’s the way how I feel towards my dog family and they return their devoted affection to us. This „love“ hormone helps increase the bond we share.

Riyad’s first Birthday

The day Riyad celebrated its first birthday with us. Riyad is a Christmas gift I got from my daughter way back 2010 if I remember it right. A nine weeks old puppy my stress reliever and makes me happy all the time. Now it is almost 10 years old. On September 2020 it will turn exactly 10 years old. Thank you Lord that my dog is healthy and happy. In this video down here I can see how it develops and grown my puppy with us. Learned a lot and so happy. His eyes are relaxed, he blinks a lot, his gaze is soft and his brow is smooth. His ears are also relaxed, not cocked or pointing. His mouth is open a bit with a few teeth visible his tongue may be lolling and he may even appear to be smiling.