Today, a true classic from Chinese cuisine comes on our plate. Chicken sweet sour high in protein, sesame seeds, unsaturated fatty acids and valuable ingredients like selenium, iron and potassium. Taste it preferably with chopsticks 🥢 or table knife and fork 🍴🤣 Served with Jasmine rice 🍚 so with vegetable like Chinese cabbage 🥬 carrot 🥕 bell pepper and scallions topped with sesame seeds. Yum!😋


250g Chicken breast

8g Potato starch

4g Vegetable broth

2pc Scallions

1pc Onion

1pc Red Bell Pepper

40ml Ketchup

12ml Wine Vinegar

30ml Soy sauce

10g Sesame seeds

200ml Water

1/2tbsp Brown Sugar

300ml Water for Vegetable Broth

some Olive oil

Salt and Pepper


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