🇦🇹🇵🇭WAY of LIFE

Simple home cooking 👩‍🍳 that makes me happy at all. Water spinach everyday is a BIG YES! As well steamed shrimps with lots of garlic plus vegetable soup out of seafood broth is heaven.

At Yori restaurant

Reastaurant review. A little piece of Korea in the middle of Vienna. We tried this restaurant called Yori. Restaurant Yori is located in the first district, just opposite the Urania. I should say the food was great 👍 thumbs up.

Yori with my daughter

We are still on the go trying different restaurant in Vienna it is a long list but the problem is the time when? Not only to get know the food they serve but also the interesting stories that we may experience. Looking forward to discover more…

Maybe you are wondering why we love to try restaurants too. Simply because I want to learn more taste buds, more recipe, and more different food cultures.


Another’s restaurant review. High quality meat, excellent grilled specialties, price performance fits and ok 👍 for us. Good food in a great atmosphere. Here I was with my bff Dana and daughter.


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