🇵🇭BUDGET RECIPE (Tuna in Can and Pak Choi🥬)

Easy Recipe made with simple ingredients to save you money. Served with carrot 🥕 brown rice.

Tuna in can and Pak Choi 🥬 with Carrot 🥕 brown rice

Pak Choi is also green leafy vegetable, from the chinese cabbage family. It has numerous health benefits according in various studies, like maintain healthy bones. Can reduce the excess production of bad cholesterol and reduces wrinkles too. Something for me.🤪


• bunch of Pak Choi 🥬

• 1pc. Carrot 🥕

• 1pc. Bell Pepper

• 1 Tuna in tomatoe sauce (in can)

• 1pc. Onion

• 1pc. Tomatoe 🍅

• 1tsp. Vegetable broth powder

• 2 to 3tbsps. Corn 🌽 oil



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