Chicken 🐔 and Coconut 🥥 Curry🍛
Served with Carrot 🥕 Jasmine Rice🍚

Exotic chicken and coconut curry 🍛 very easy to prepare. A touch of Asia on your plate, you only need two pots and the rice cooks almost by itself! The combination with tender chicken, creamy coconut milk and fresh vegetables makes for a strongly unique taste. A meal sensation without gluten and also high in protein and fiber.


Yields for 2 Persons

• 2pcs. Chicken 🐔 breast

• 1pc. Carrot 🥕

• 100g Rice

• 1pc. Cauliflower

• 1pc. Red Bell Pepper

• 1tsp. Yellow Curry Paste

• 150ml. Coconut 🥥 milk 🥛

• some Margarine, Butter or any Vegetable Oil

• Salt 🧂 and Pepper to taste


Happy Cooking 👩‍🍳

Guten Appetit!😋👍

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