I tell you frankly I am not satisfied with color of broccoli here it absorbed a lot from Soy sauce!

Served with Jasmine rice 🍚 ( not in picture) Meat is so tender but not too spicy 🌶 mild. Bring another Asian holiday mood on your plate and table! How it works? With a lot of spice and color. Therefore, our pork fillet today is wrapped in a spicy marinade of chili, ginger, garlic and lots of crisp vegetable such as broccoli 🥦 bush beans, carrot 🥕 and served with fragrant Jasmine rice.🍚 A combination that takes you in no time to Asian cuisine and also provides you with healthy, filling fiber. This Recipe yields two persons.


• 20g Ginger

• 4 cloves Garlic

• 1pc. Small red Chili 🌶

• 280g Pork fillet

• 1pc. Carrot 🥕

• 100g Bush beans

• 1 pc. small-sized Broccoli 🥦

• 20ml Soy sauce

• 20ml sweet Chili Sauce

• 2 tbsp. Olive oil

• 1/2tsp. Sugar

• 100ml water 💧 for sauce

• salt and pepper to taste

First marinate meat in ginger, garlic, chili 🌶 1/2tsp. sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil for about 15 minutes.


Happy Cooking 👩‍🍳 and Guten Appetit!🤗


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