Halloumi burger 🍔 and Lettuce 🥬 Cucumber 🥒 salad – the perfect combination to come to rejoice after free time. You will love this extra ordinary combination with kiwi. 🥝 The slightly acidic sweetness of the fruit blends perfectly with the salty Halloumi. As always: Burger 🍔 time is Happy 😌 time.

And this time, with salad 🥗 seasoned with nutty pumpkin 🎃 dressing and with Italian hard cheese. 🧀

Of course don’t forget the Sotanghon soup 🥣 or the so called “Glas noodle soup. 🍜 Happy Cooking👩‍🍳 and Guten Appetit!


• 200g Halloumi

• 1pc. Kiwi 🥝

• 1pc. Medium sized tomatoe 🍅

• half cucumber 🥒

• 1small sized lettuce 🥬 heart

• 2pcs.Sesam- Burger 🍔 bun

• 10g Italian hard cheese 🧀

• 5ml pumpkin 🎃 seed oil

• 20ml Mayonnaise



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