Tried to cook 👩‍🍳 today for myself, hoping that it will comes in…….😔

Toxic people at work, stress, worrying, and mobbing at work brought me down, kind of burnout.🥺

Help me Jesus 🙏


* 1bunch of Misua

* 4 sticks Celery

* 1 medium sized Carrot 🥕

* 150g Ground meat

* 2 Eggs

* a thumb sized Ginger

* 5 cloves Garlic, crushed and peeled

* some Margarine

* some 🧂 Salt

* some Pepper

* 2 tbsp. Flour

* 2 tbsp. Fish 🐟 sauce (patis)

* some Water 💧 or Soup stock


Adjust seasonings according to your preference.



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