An Asian way of eating and living, learned from my parents more vegetables and fish🐟 which I strongly believe may help and prevent chronic diseases.

GULAY in Tagalog, vegetable in English.

My gulay cooked 👩‍🍳 with alamang (dried tiny shrimp 🍤) seasoned with patis (fish sauce) sautéed in margarine. I started using margarine because I believe it is more healthy than butter.


* margarine

* ginger

* onion

* eggplant 🍆

* bitter melon (ampalaya)

* squash

* string bean (sitaw)

* okra (Lady Finger)

* Moringa (Bunga ng malunggay)

* dried alamang (tiny dried shrimp 🍤)

* patis (fish sauce)

* some water

* vegetable broth cube


Happy Cooking and Guten Appetit!


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