First post 2019, still about food craving 😋 will be cooking on my birthday 🎉🎂 🎈celebration just for the family.

Breaky pork broth base soup with noodles 🍜 and whole grain toast with kajmak cream cheese, cherry tomatoes and chorizo on top.

Stir-Fried mix veggies such as broccoli 🥦 carrots 🥕 snow peas ( sitsaro), Bok choy 🥬 and fish balls.

Do you know that water 💧 from boiled bananas 🍌 can give us a lot of health benefits and care specially for those who are suffering from lack of sufficient sleep 😴 and diabetes. They said drinking the water from boiled banana can help. Would ease tensions and help you avoid sleeping pills 💊

Soup 🥣 of the day, wide noodles with bok choy 🥬 spring onion and ground meat 👍 done ✅ with love❤️ 👩‍🍳😋

Sausages and eggs 🥚 for breaky today 👍😋🍽 Do you love sausages too?

Tossing in some variety of sausages, makes breakfast so delish.

My version of misaw con patola in chicken broth with lots of garlic. 🥣👍 Yum!😋

I love soup for breakfast whenever I came back home 🏡 from night duty.

This was Sunday treat for myself.😆 Air fry potatoes 🥔 and chicken 🐓 wings spicy 🥵 🌶 of course! With that mango 🥭 deep makes more yummy 🤤

Early morning prepping breaky🙈 bitter melon and egg 🥚😋🍽 at 6:49 in the Morning. The last Breaky for 2018!🤣 weirdness ➡️iCooiTravel

Again noodles with bok choy 🥬 and chorizo in chicken broth soup 🥣 the last bowl for the week. I have to cook 👩‍🍳 again🙄


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