A mixture of Hokkaido, bottle gourd (upo), eggplant, and bitter melon (ampalaya) seasoned with Bagoong Balayan (fish sauce) and Magic Sarap from Maggi.

Hokkaidi with mix veggies – iCookiTravel

It’s the season of the year again for Hokkaido, Kürbis 🎃 or pumpkin.  You could get for only one euro per piece.  Today I did cook 👩‍🍳 it with mix veggies such as bitter melon, “ampalaya” in Tagalog, eggplant 🍆 bottle Gourd or “upo”, and ground meat. Seasoned with “bagoong balayan” a sort of fish sauce. Sautéed first in red onion, ginger and tomato.


* 2pcs. Eggplant 🍆

* 2 to 3pcs. Bitter Melon (ampalaya)

* 1 small Bottle Gourd

* 1 small Hokkaido

* thumb-sized Ginger

* 1 red Onion

* 1 small Tomato 🍅

* 4tbsp. Bagoong Balayan (Fish Sauce)

* Magic Sarap (from Philippines 🇵🇭)

NOTE: Adjust seasoning if necessary according to your preferences. Happy Cooking and GUTEN APPETIT!



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