Papaya lowers cholesterol, rich in fibre.   Most of all good for diabetics like me.


* 1 medium sized Papaya, peeled and sliced

* 2pcs. small Carrots πŸ₯•

* some Vegetable Oil

* 1pc. Onion

* a thumb-sized Ginger

* 100g Shrimp 🍀 peeled

* some Water πŸ’§

* Vegetable broth cube

* 100g fine Noodle 🍜

Note: Adjust seasoning if necessary with salt or Patis (Fish Sauce). Happy Cooking!

Guten Appetit!



πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­HYCINTH BEAN (Bataw)

“BATAW” or Hycinth bean is good as anti -inflammatory and they said treats cholera. I love the taste of this bean specially when it is sauteed with fried fish flakes or shrimps.🦐


* Some Vegetable Oil, I used Margarine

* 1Red Onion

* A thumb- sized Ginger

* 1pc. Tomatoe πŸ…

* 1/2 a Cup of Fish 🐟 flakes

* 250g Bataw or Hycinth Bean

* Some Patis (Fish Sauce)

* 100g Togue or Beans Sprouts

* Magic Sarap to taste

Note: Adjust seasoning if necessary.


Happy Cooking and Guten Appetit!



Hubby et moi – iCookiTravel

Nearly 30 years of marriage life with all ups and downs we are getting stronger than ever from day to day of our life.  As we go on this journey, thinking πŸ€”way back before our two kids came into our life and now for me it is a huge changes.  Living their own way of life, hubby and I just like before just the two of us with my two doggies. 🐢

Cooking for two not for four anymore, missing something, letting go of your adult children is the hardest part.☹️

My Kitchen something that always makes me smile πŸ˜ƒ and is the happiest place for me. Where hubby and I bond most of the time when we’re at home.🏑

He came back from flea market brought me a bunch of string beans and smaller eggplant πŸ† I don’t know how many varieties of green beans gives, but I know one thing that it offers many health benefits. Hubby’s cooking πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ small eggplant πŸ† and string bean with fried πŸŸπŸ˜‹πŸ‘ grateful for this.

Middleneck clams with vine spinach (alugbati) and mushroom πŸ„ which are surprisingly high in iron, broth is so tasty.πŸ˜‹

A vegetable soup with broccoli πŸ₯¦ carrot πŸ₯• mushrooms πŸ„ or Champignon, chickpeas and noodle 🍲 was for breaky after seven and half hours of night duty gave me strength.☺️

Boiled corn 🌽 cob and mongo or mung bean with camote tops (talbos ng kamote) no rice 🍚 at all since 2013. Camote tops consuming it in moderation is a good source of energy, vitamins, minerals and is low in fat and sodium. And is also idealπŸ’‘ for diabetic patients.

Here is boiled camote tops, sliced tomatoes πŸ… and “Bagoong balayan” (Fish Sauce) with calamansi for deeping. πŸ˜‹ #hubby’s cooking πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ so grateful to him😘

Above photo is spinach, corn 🌽 kernels, squash flowers with pork belly was viand for dinner 🍽

Summer was too long this year and these are the last flowers from my pumpkin πŸŽƒ and cherry tomatoes πŸ… which is in my living room now. It’s too cold outside. And picture above the last harvest of squash flowers I cooked with.

Tilapia fillet with sautΓ©ed Mangold lots of garlic and mashed carrots πŸ₯• my diabetic.🍴

Oh my “gulay” with saluyot (Jute leaves), pumpkin a Hokkaido, okra, bitter gourd (ampalaya), and string bean (sitaw).

Squash, string bean, bitter gourd and okra with “alamang” (tiny shrimps) season with salt πŸ§‚ cooked just like “laswa with alamang”. πŸ˜‹

Potatoes πŸ₯” bell peppers, carrot πŸ₯• Champignon with turkey πŸ¦ƒ breast.

Cooking with hubby strengthen our relationship. Science says, couples who cook together stay together.πŸ˜‡

Happy cooking in your kitchen and Guten Appetit!😊



My food journal for the last few months of home cooking, eat out in a restaurant, either alone or with family and friends. Identifying my habitual eating patterns and also trucking what I prepare and eat from time to time, should be accordingly from my dietician’s advice.

All Boiled, spinach and squid – iCookiTravel

As a strategy for eating well with diabetes, poaching, broiling and boiling is good less intake of fat much better.  Like saturated fat such as butter instead I usually use margarine, olive oil or canola oil.  Or just boiled it like what you see picture above.  I don’t have to be a world class chef in order to enjoy the modifications of meals I love.  It should be diabetes-friendly and that matters most.

For Squid Recipe check this out:

Boiled saba and kalunay leaves (Spleen amaranth) with grilled mackerel – iCookiTravel

Up here my boiled Saba (banana) with jute leaves and grilled mackerel.  I usually eat boiled banana, brown rice, mashed potatoe, mashed carrot or even mashed sweet potatoe (Camote) could be boiled also.  For my carb also to add boiled corn.

For more recipes about “KALUNAY” please check it out here:

Mix pasta in tomatoe sauce – iCookiTravel

While here mix whole grain or whole wheat pasta in tomatoe sauce and a little bit of meat balls.  Whole garins are loaded with fiber. Whole wheat pasta over white pasta much better for us diabetic.

For more pasta RECIPE check this out:

Red Rice plus spinach and sardines – iCookiTravel

Red rice and spinach with sardines a very simple and quick lunch for me alone.  Someting with greenleafy is always ttasty whatever goes with it.  My first time to try red rice was given to me from Nueva Eicija, (Philippines).  I should say it is not mine.  I prefer the brown one.

For Fried Rice Recipe here:

Monggo (mung bean) et Spinach – iCookiTravel

In my kitchen it should not be Friday to have monggo.  I cook it whenever I’m craving for it.  Cook it with spinach, kalunay, mangold, alugbati, ampalaya leaves or even ampalaya (bitter melon), malunggay, or camote tops (talbos ng kamote).  Usually added meat, minced meat, fish, shrimps, dilis (anchovy), crabs, or even sausages if you are abroad.

May you check these, all about Monggo;

Breaky for the day – iCookiTravel

YES! Breaky for the day, salad, whole wheat baguet except orange juice it is for my son.  I got tea instead. Maybe you are asking WHY salad?

During summer time if I got up late, salad is good for brunch as well as for braekfast like this.  Breaky outside from time to time with my two kids.

Saith fillet – iCookiTravel

This was lunch at work, wild rice, tzatziki or tsatsiki, and saith fillet (seelachsfilet).  Aim to eat fish twice a week.  Not only at home but also at work.  For more FISH Recipes, please check it out here:

Cauliflower and shrimps- iCookiTravel

Sauteed cauliflower with bok choy, carrot and shrimps.  Low carb, with Vitamin C, contains fiber, potassium and folate. It can only good for diabetic. take it away from me Folks!

Soup of the day – iCookiTravel

Since January 15 of this year (2018),  I’m working fix night shift. Whenever I came home soup is my hearty breakfast.  I got told that offen intake of vegetable and legume soup is good.  I have to focus on food to reduce the risk of disease, such as metabolic disorders and cardiovascular.

This soup made out of chicken broth, with a little bit of noodles, cabbage, carrot and parsley topped with few shrimps.

Oats with blueberry and chia seeds – iCookiTravel

This is also good for breakfast, oats with yoghurt, blue berry, chia seeds and a little bit of honey.  It regulates blood sugar, thanks to high fiber and can lower cholesterol.



A very quick cooking of chicken liver.  My version with paprika powder and Magic Sarap seasoning which I brought here in Vienna from my last two weeks vacation in the Philippines.

Chicken Liver – iCookiTravel


  • 250g Chicken liver
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 1 Tomatoe
  • some Vegetable Oil, I used Margarine
  • 1 tbsp. Tomatoe Paste
  • 1 tbsp. Paprika Powder sweet
  • Magic Sarap seasoning from Maggi ( made with fresh garlic and onion) from Philippines
  • 1/2 a cup of Water (for cooking liver)




A mixture of Hokkaido, bottle gourd (upo), eggplant, and bitter melon (ampalaya) seasoned with Bagoong Balayan (fish sauce) and Magic Sarap from Maggi.

Hokkaidi with mix veggies – iCookiTravel

It’s the season of the year again for Hokkaido, KΓΌrbis πŸŽƒ or pumpkin.  You could get for only one euro per piece.  Today I did cook πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ it with mix veggies such as bitter melon, “ampalaya” in Tagalog, eggplant πŸ† bottle Gourd or “upo”, and ground meat. Seasoned with “bagoong balayan” a sort of fish sauce. SautΓ©ed first in red onion, ginger and tomato.


* 2pcs. Eggplant πŸ†

* 2 to 3pcs. Bitter Melon (ampalaya)

* 1 small Bottle Gourd

* 1 small Hokkaido

* thumb-sized Ginger

* 1 red Onion

* 1 small Tomato πŸ…

* 4tbsp. Bagoong Balayan (Fish Sauce)

* Magic Sarap (from Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­)

NOTE: Adjust seasoning if necessary according to your preferences. Happy Cooking and GUTEN APPETIT!