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If we think πŸ€” about Greek food, “Tzatziki” comes in mind right away. Today I will share to you this very simple recipe from “Hello Fresh” which I will try for the very first time,  “GYROS SKEWERS” which is rich in protein with bacon πŸ₯“ of course. Serve with oven potatoes πŸ₯” and tomatoes. πŸ… It provides or gives you enough fiber for a healthy living.

TZATZIKI – iCookiTravel

As you can see side dish “Tzatziki”. Simply combine cucumber πŸ₯’ chopped garlic and yoghurt, seasones with salt and pepper topped with chopped chives. Serve cold is better.

Gyros Skewers with Potatoes and Tomatoes – iCookItravel


Yields 4 Persons

* 8 pcs. Sticks or Spiesse

* 1200g Potatoes πŸ₯”

* 4 pcs. Tomatoes πŸ…

* 560g Pork Loin Steak πŸ₯©

* 160g Bacon πŸ₯“

* Spice Mix for seasoning

* 1 pc. Cucumber πŸ₯’

* 1 clove Garlic

* 20g Chive, chopped

* 300g Yoghurt

* some Olive Oil

* some Salt and Pepper


* Soak the Skewers in a large bowl of cold water πŸ’¦ so later it will not burn in the oven.

* Season potatoes πŸ₯” and tomatoes πŸ… with olive oil, salt and pepper.

* Cut pork loin into cubes and marinate with spice mix (a combination of paprika powder, garlic, rosemary, cumin, dried parsley, salt, pepper, and nutmeg). Cut bacon πŸ₯“ in Haft.

* Roll up the bacon πŸ₯“ and put it alternately on the wooden skewers with the pork loin cubes.

* Preheat the oven to 220Β°C top bottom heat.  During the last 10-15 minutes cooking time of potatoes πŸ₯” add skewers in the oven let it cook πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ Happy 😊Cooking and Guten Appetit!πŸ˜‹