Here I go again sharing to you my diabetic meals, hoping that it will help you to give some ideas specially for those who are fighting for diabetes type2. It is about more than five years now since I was diagnosed with diabetes and it is also more than five years now that I don’t eat white-rice. For all we know that we, Filipinos are used to it as a rabid white-rice eater. But there are so many alternatives such as, low-carb vegetables, low-carb rice like the brown one, or avoiding it, fruits like boiled saba banana, whole-grain bread, or just plain vegetables like what I have here.

Sauteed vegetables-iCookiTravel

I sauteed Chayote and Pechay with red onion in a little amount of sesame seed oil seasoned with just salt. Today’s veggies bowl for my lunch. Pure vegetables, fresh and crunchy.

Pure Vegetables-iCookiTravel

What’s on the table today?

“Portobello” Mushrooms with 50% mushroom or champignons, 20% yellow bell pepper, 10% red bell pepper, 10% zucchini, 10% onion, 9%green bell pepper, 1% herbs-butter with 6% garlic, onion and 3% salt to taste.

sauteed water spinach-iCookiTravel

Sauteed water spinach or kangkong cooked in five minutes, a good source of vitamin, iron and calcium with lots ogf garlic.

Whole-grain cookies-iCookiTravel

Wholegrain biscuits for in between, not sweet but crunchy good for diabetic. I found it in Merkur Supermarket near us for a reasonable price, it was a try.

Fall vegetables mix-iCookiTravel

What is on my plate?

This was diabetic dinner, Fall-vegetables mix with 30% pumpkin cubes, 25% green bell pepper, 25% zucchini, 8% red onion, 10% fennel, and 2% dill, just cooked in a pan with a little bit of sesame oil and salt to taste.

Egg soup-iCookiTravel

Chinese cabbgae in a chicken soup stock with beaten egg and whole boiled egg topped with chopped parsley which warms my tummy for cold season. A very quick cooking way if you always have a noodles in your pantry.

Boiled mix vegetables-iCookiTravel

Here above was my boiled vetables for my lunch pure vegan. I got told that by eating a healthy vegan diet low in cholesterol and saturated fat, but balanced enough to include fibre and protein, blood glucose levels can be made easier to control.

Breton Fish Soup-iCookiTravel

Fish soup a hearty soup added some dry white wine at the end for the extra flavor. You can add cubes from salmon, cod as well as tasty shrimps, and for side dish I love to have boiled vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli plus a bun or wholegrain bread. Yum! Guten Appetit!


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