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It’s been a while, now I got time to update here again. “Masyadong naging busy sa trabaho ng mga nakaraang buwan na nagdulot ng bagong chapter sa buhay. Dala ang panalangin na sana ay gabayan ako ng puong may kapal upang aking magampanan nang maayos ang panibagong yugto na ito. Kung kailan nagkaedad saka naman nabiyayaan nang husto kahit na malaking hamon ang kapalit. Thank you so much Lord for all these blessings 2017.”

Chinese cabbage, zucchini, carrots with pork belly-iCookiTravel

Another sauteed vegetables for family viand that goes with hubby’s pan fried chicken and pork belly.  kids loves it coming home from a heavy day eating a heavy meal later of the day. They used to eat around 6 pm. it is linner for us.

Pickled Cabbage with Frankfurter and bell Peppers-iCookiTravel

Pickled cabbage sauteed with frankfurter, bell peppers, onion, chili paste, paprika powder, a little bit catchup and pepper. Red-hot and sharp! For those who eat it with rice needs a lot, just like my family.  I used to eat it with my diabetic bread or bun.

Sauteed Pumpkin with Bok Choi and Eggplant-iCookiTravel

I think I wrote the caption incorect! Pumpkin, Bok Choy or Pak Choi, and Egplant sauteed with garlic, red onion, tomatoe and a bit of pork belly for familie’s viand. A very brilliant way to get the kids eat some vegetables. Pumpkin is still cheaper in the month of November, while Pak choi we get it here in Vienna all year round from chinese and indian shop.

ZUCCHINI-GROUND MEAT Sauce for Pasta-iCookiTravel

What are the best pasta sauce for you? With the huge selection of super delicious variants, the choice is too difficult but for sure everybody has its own favorite the way you like it or according to your preferences.  Picture above, one of my fave sauce ever,for pasta zucchini with ground meat sauteed in olive oil with red onion. lots of garlic, oregano, chopped parsley, tomatoe paste and tomatoe sauce.


This is my version of fried stuffed squids. Succulent tender squid stuffed with mix ground meat (pork and beef), onion, fried garlic, chopped potatoes, carrots, cheese and fried to perfection. To make sure that the squid remains tender and juicy, do not overcook them.


* 4 pcs. big Squid, cleaned with head
* 1 Onion, chopped
* 2 pcs. medium sized Potatoes
* 1 big Carrot
* about 250 g Ground meat, (I used mix pork and beef)
* fried garlic
* Cheese
* some Vegetable oil for frying
* Salt and Pepper



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