“Beuschel” with bread dumpling – iCookiTravel

„Beuschel“ ragout made with heart and lungs with bread 🥖 dumpling. Innards can be found very often in the Viennese cuisine and are highly estimated amongst gourmets. The Beuschel (veal lungs) supposedly is a Jewish dish and is that prominent in the Viennese cuisine. Enjoy!😋

* 500g Veal Lungs

* 1 pc. Veal Heart

* 1 pc. each Carrot, Celery and Yellow Turnip

* 1 pc. Bay leaf

*some Pepper Corns, Thyme and Onion

*some Caper


*40g of Butter

*30g Flour

*1 tbsp. Capers

*1 Onion (small)

*1 anchovy Fillet (in Oil)

*1 clove Garlic, chopped

*1 Lemon, peeled and untreated

*1 tbsp. Parsley

*some Vinegar, Sugar

*Marjoram, ground

*2 tbsp. Mustard

*Sour Cream

*2 tbsp. Sewwt Cream

*Lemon juice

*Salt and  groundPepper4Tbsp. Goulash Sauce, optional


Wash and clean lungs and heart, cut into pieces. Then cook into 2 liters of water with salt, bay leaf, some pepper, thyme, peeled onion, and garlic. Then remove the meat and cool in cold water. Strain the soup, let it boil. Cut the meat into lenghtwise, just like fine noodles. Mix with salt, pepper, juice of a quarter lemon and set aside.


The onion, capers, anchovy fillets, parsley, peel a quarter of lemon and some marjoram very finely chopped. Then add the finely chopped ingredients and briefly roast. Stir with vinegar, pour in the soup, stir thoroughly with the snowbuck, simmer gently for about 20 minutes. Add the cut meat, season with mustard, sugar, add rose peppers and marjoram to taste, add sour cream and let it rest for a quarter hour. Serve with hot goulash sauce on top and bread dumplings. HAPPY COOKING and GUTEN APPETIT!


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