🇵🇭MANTIS SHRIMPS ( Alupihang Dagat) with VEGETABLES


MANTIS SHRIMPS or Alupihang Dagat – iCookiTravel

The story:  Mantis shrimps or “alupihang daga”t in tagalog is from Realto market in Venice.   It is almost  4 euro per kilo unlike the price here in Vienna is between 9 up to 12 euro per kilo. Hubby and I we bought lots of seafoods from that market aside from shrimps.  While the okra and eggplant is from la Boquiria market in Barcelona the Anchovy Sauce as well.   I got it from M & M Supermercado in Barcelona own and run by our fellow countryman.  Pumpkin is from the province of Niederöstereich outside Vienna.  The only vegetables which is from Vienna is the spinach even coconut milk is an import from Thailand. Would you believe that!   Happy Cooking and GUTEN APPETIT!



** a Kilo Mantis Shrimps or half,  if you prefer

** a small Pumpkin

** okra, about 6 pcs.

** 2pcs. Eggplant, small

**  half a kilo Spinach

** some Olive oil

** 1 can Coconut Milk

** a Thumb-sized Ginger

** 1 Onion

** 4 to 5 cloves crushed Garlic

** 2 tbsp. Anchovy Sauce (or Patis if you prefer)

** 1 Tbsp. Vinegar with Chili

HOW To…….


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