Freshly quick cooking for me.  A stroll inside Lidl Supermarket near our place this vegetable catch my eye, so fresh and they’re really huge and long. For only 99 cent per piece.  Sure, their flavor is assertive, but how to cook 👨‍🍳 them should I make salad 🥗 out of it?


* 1 can of Tuna chunks in brine

* 1 medium-sized Radish ( only the half of of it I used)

* 1 Tomatoe

* 1 Red Onion

* 4 tbsp. Canola oil

* A handful chopped parsley

* Fish Sauce to taste (Patis)

* a Little bit of water or soup stock to make radish tender

My sauteed tuna and radish – iCookiTravel


Simply heat a pan add canola oil, onion tomatoe 🍅 radish and tuna without liquid.  Stir all together then add some water just enough to cook radish to taste add fish sauce (Patis). Served with top parsley.  The other half of it I made radish salad.



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