Three of my dear colleagues decided to bring our dinner for today. The thing is each and everyone brought different dish that made everybody happy tummy! 😉


Annemarie brought her twenty pieces boiled eggs. We got sliced brown bread. Mama Rada brought pickled bell peppers spicy and none spicy, pickled cabbage, pickled green tomatoes, her baked proja with vegetables, cheese and yoghurt. And “KAYMAK” a cheese which I love most topped on mixed salad. KAYMAK- a creamy dairy product made from milk of water cows, sheep or goats. It has a high percentage of milk fat, typically about sixty percent. And has a thick, creamy consistency and a rich taste. It is the one in red tupper ware a white cheese! As you could see in the picture above. From these region: Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Bulgaria, Herzegovina, Iraq, and Iran.

Ajvar from Mumo the red one in a glass. And Dragica bought sliced smoked meat and sausage from her sister back home. What a wonderful time having dinner together just like one family at work.


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