My first tea mug for this new year 2016. A souvenir from London brought to me by my son as a memento of his stay at Cambridge way back year 2010. Modern mugs, which are most commonly used for coffee or tea, likely envolved from beer steins. I love mugs because of their size, have thick walls and flat bottoms.

My Tea Mug from London brought by my son – iCookiTravel

Enjoying my black tea with milk. Just like Indians sell very strong tea with condensed milk on street corners, as “Pick-me-up”. They said would be better for our health if I drink with honey and lemon, like Russians. Sometimes I drink green tea with nothing added like so many Japanese and Chinese. Specially during meal time in winter season. When it comes to food and health, it is becoming increasingly difficult to follow all studies advice. I just go with my instinct, a mug of black tea with milk I find it relaxing while seating on my bed corner with my notebook in pajama.


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