Yes! It’s harvesting time late upload and late update but still…
All about my Potatoe goodness, is the world’s fourth largest food crop, following rice, wheat, and mais (corn).
Eventually, agriculturalists in Europe found potatoes easier to grow and cultivate than other staple crops. It became known that potatoes contained most of the vitamins needed for sustenance.


My fresh harvest potatoes! Too late this year but anyway, harvesting potaoes is like digging for treasure and finding it. Potatoes is fat-free, cholesterol-free, high in Vitamin C, high in potassium &a good source of VitaminB6 &dietary fiber. Sounds good for diabetic like me.



For many people, going to university can be the time of their lives. It grants people the freedom to choose which ever course subject they would like to study, mingle and socialise with their peers and best of all, complete independence. Complete freedom from your bossy parents and to have as much academic freedom as one dreams. After all, this is the lifestyle we all dream about, spending nights hitting the bars, disco and clubs, getting completely hammered am I right? Or should I say the so called—“NIGHT LIFE”. However, this is the new chapter to turn over a new leaf of his/her life, our son Ronald-Louis and daughter Diana-Grace. I’m thinking having sleepless nights as the thoughts of going to university overcome you with excitement and anticipation? There are so many thoughts that plays in mind. Like to adjust to new surroundings. The idea that the grass is always greener. You may consider you are mingling with thousands of students of your age, and yet, they are not like your friends before!


Also, the campus which is totally different from Gymnasium which can make the place look a bit intimidating, the assignments you will do and learn will not be like anything you have done and communication with your lecturers and professors are hard if not impossible to do because of the sheer nunmber of students. When all hope seems lost, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you are a student and are experiencing negative thoughts of dread, despair or hating university life, STOP RIGHT THERE! All I can say is that university is a challenge, but if you adopt any of good assumptions, it can be quite rewarding. There is no shame in admitting to yourself that university is not as you perceived it to be like, this is the first stage of recovery. I assure you, if you give it all you’ve got, university will definitely be a better place. Besides, at the end of the day, the academic semesters fly by, so you might as well make the most of it. PRAYING FOR YOUR SUCCESS IN THE NEAR FUTURE MY BELOVED SON AND DAUGHTER!