STRAWBERRY—In the supermarket, the strawberry season begins before Christmas. The red berries are extremely sensitive. Already a few hours after harvesting they start to lose its flavor. Rich in vitamin C more than oranges. Strawberries is one among the favorite fruits of the Austrians. Either for baking, fruit salad or for refining many desserts are ideally suited.


Strawberries are probably the most popular addition to melon fruits of summer. The Latin name of the strawberry is “Fragum” which derived as much as “fragrance” means is a wonderful indication of what they offer a healthy fruits, an incomparable fragrance, which is also the best quality criterion that strawberries were purchased seasonal fair and offer full of tastes. I love my strawberries just wash and ready to eat. While my family they added sour cream a a bit of sugar to taste.

Thank you so much bff Dana for the fresh strawberries you brought us beside that is low in calories, have potential health benefits against cancer, anging & neurological diseases and also excellent source of Vitamin-C.


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