Teambuilding while eating together, is our motto. Maci (colleague) brought our dinner for tonight. As usual everybody are happy not only our tummy. A week ago, her only son got married so this is a sort of a treat for us.

Our Buffet
Our Buffet

She brought us these cold cuts/ sliced assorted cold cooked meat, we ate with bread a typical Austrian meals. Typical Austrian cuisine is rather substantial, consisting of large amounts of meat! And also Sarma a dish found frequently in Turkish cuisine. It consists primarily of cabbage or grape leaves wrapped around a filling and boiled for hours before serving. This filling is typically made using minced or diced meat, often pork, beef, or veal, which is combined with rice and other seasonings for flavor like Vegeta. Though sarma is prominent in Turkish cooking, it can be found in various parts of Central Europe such as Slovenia and Croatia.

Tea & Fruits
Tea & Fruits

We also had tea and fruits which was preapared by Hana for the whole group. Tea was a mixture of different herbs and lemon. She also prepared a ginger tea, my favorite among her tea range.

Dessert & Sweet
Dessert & Sweet

Photos above dessert and sweet for those who need it. I said so, for dibetic like me would be enough with fresh fruits! We are used to other cultures and lifestyles. As you can see with our healthy eating at work compared to epesode 1.



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