One who eats okra regularly, does a good favor for his/her intestinal organ. The green vegetables from Asia and Africa is on the rise in Europe. It proved its worth not only as a convertible ingredient in the kitchen, but unfolds as valued medicinal plant also its health giving powers. What is really there behind this miracle vegetable?
Because 80 percent of our immune system are located in the intestine as the largest defense bastion of the body it tries to defend the human body against harmful influences especially environmental toxins, dental toxins, mental stress. The intestine with its sensitive mucous membranes for a variety of diseases. If the digestive system is overloaded and advised the intestinal flora is out of balance, threatens a dysbacteriosis and symptoms such as intestinal inflammation, constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome or even serious intestinal conditions such as celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and colon cancer as what professionals said.

I make Okra atleast twice a week. I love them just likt broccoli, spinach and bitter melon. This time I added pork belly for my family and eggplant too. The last I cooked it with beef meat and most of the time no meat for me.


Yields 4-6 Persons * 500g Okra (Half a Kilo) * 250g Pork Belly * 3 pcs. Eggplant * 1 pc. Onion * 4 pcs. peeled Tomatoes * a thumb-sized Ginger, peeled * 2 pcs. Red Chili (hot) * 2 pcs. Pork cubes * some Oil * some salt to taste * some water



*** Heat a pot add some oil, then brown the pork belly season with 2 pork cubes. Add onion, ginger and peeled tomatoes. Stir, then eggplant, chili and okra. Some water just enough to cook everything cover for about 5 to 8 minutes cooking time. Turn the vegetables to mix all together in between and season with some salt. Served with rice. It was our lunch. Happy Cooking!

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