Okra or lady finger, in my country-Philippines okra can be found among traditional dishes like pinakbet, dinengdeng (Ilocano food), and in sinigang as well. I love Okra, specially if served steamed or boiled in a salad with tomatoes, onion and seasoned with anchovy sauce (Bagoong).


Picture above 2 kilogram Okra which was brought to me by one of my colleague (at work). The austrian people are not use to this vegetable keep on asking me how to cook it or how do I eat it or even how does it taste!

So what I did everyday I start cooking in different ways or species and brought at work as my “pambaon” (lunch box). Okra is rich with Vitamin K and fiber both good for diabetes. It supports colon health, Vitamin C helps keep the skin looking young and vibrant as what the study said. Maybe this is one reason why I look younger as my real age  😉

Okra pinaksiw with shrimps

Here I called it “Okra Pinaksiw” cooked with onion, garlic, vinegar and anchovy sauce (bagoong).  Served with rice and shrimps that was lunch the other day.  Vinegar as condiments we can find in different ways of cooking in our food. Previously, the main task is to make or give sour taste or in a few cases should bring an improvement or use as preservative.

Okra and squash

Above here is just sauteed okra with squash, onions and seasoned with anchovy sauce again!  I usually don’t eat rice at night or for dinner. That’s why I prefer to have some vegetables instead. Then my cup of tea. That’s dinner for me and not late than six o’ clock in the evening. I have to consider the carbohydrates and choosing the right  fruits and vegetables is easy to maintain the blood sugar. Two years ago I started to change my lifestyle, to be able to prevent or delay the onset of complications. Since I’m type 2 diabetic. The next update here more about vegetables and fruits I use to have for my dinner. Guten Appetit everyone (Y)


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