In the morning hubby, our daughter and I we made some shopping for our noche buena and pick up our traditional  fresh christmas tree infront of the church where the kiddos graduated from elementary before,  where they sell this trees.  The custom of the Christmas tree developed in early modern Germany.


Hubby did his yearly job of decorating it and every year is different. So this is our christmas tree for this year 2014!   He decided to have a small christmas tree this year. CHRISTMAS is an unique time or year. Christmas tree is a prime part of christmas season. One of the more enjoyable parts of Christmas other than opening gifts of course is going out to find the perfect tree and decorating it.


RACLETTE- a spcial treat not only during festivals or holidays.  We had the Raclette on Christmas Eve. All raclette ingredients can be prepared easily and when the time comes, you can sit comfortably together and spend the whole evening with food. Anyone can fill his raclette dishes according to their taste. We had this raclette grill in the center, as seen in the photo above to it’s frame a heating coil is mounted. Under this spirals space for small pans in which the raclette cheese is melted. We had chicken fillet, beef meat and pork meat. Also different kinds of cheese, button mushrooms or champignon, spring onions. apples, cherry tomatoes, cold cuts and small red radish.  For sauces we got two different sauces with barbecue and garlic sauce. Hubby had it with his steamed rice while kiddos and I with sliced brown bread.  It was fun doing this the whole night long while watching tv 🙂

image_03A present from my daughter a RACLETTE GRILL which we immediately used for our Noche Buena .  Thank you so much my pretty baby girl for this present!

So this was christmas 2014 for us how about yours, hope you have a good one too. Merry Christmas everyone from my family to yours…..

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