FIRST ADVENT-THE CANDLE OF PROPHECY! — We celebrate with the lighting of this candle the prediction that Christ is coming soon.
Today November 30, 2014 is the first Advent. The first Sunday of Advent recalls the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.
Wishing you all a nice first advent Sunday!


This is my Advent Wreath for this year 2014 🙂 For more details and INFO please check this out:



Just like last year we celebrated it with my Noytube BFF Dana, by this time here at home in my flat!

She came over and we recorded a collaborated video clip our entry for the Noytube 2014 Christmas Collaboration headed by brother Jason Telmo, father of NOYTUBERS 😉


But beforehand we ate first our lunch, I cooked Mackerel Tuna (Tulingan) with Shrimps, Squash (Kalabasa) ,Jalapenos, onion, garlic, ginger and Okra in Coconut milk seasoned with Anchovy Sauce (Patis) served with steamed rice. And our kids had Kebap Pizza no picture above,  she came with her son. So take it away from me Folks 😉



Today’s lunch I cooked mackerel sinigang with zucchini (Mackerel in sour soup with Courgettes).


Filipino palate is a bold combination of sour and spicy sweets. I should say it can be said that it is extravagant because the Filipino food is often delivered in a single presentation, the participant is a simultaneous visual feast, aromatic bouquet and a taste appetizer. Dinner and lunch still the main meal. Compared with other countries snacking is normal and it is possible that a person eats five meals a day.
Philippines itself has evolved over the centuries under the influence of different cultures. It was of Chinese, Malay, Spanish and has been influenced to a lesser extent by American and Indian culture which has resulted in a unique multi-cultural blend of ingredients and dishes. The dishes range from a simple meal of fish and rice to rich paellas and cocidos. Some popular dishes include sinigang, lechon, longanisa, tortas, adobo, Kaldereta, kare-kare, pancit, lumpia, and halo-halo which is good and popular during high summer season.


And for afters we had these fruits avocado, apple and mandarin! 😉
Since I’m diabetic we prefer to have more fruits than sweets or dessert. After all the two kids are got used to it.


And for my two kids I cooked Spirali Tricolore with Champignon-Mozzarella-Peeled Tomatoes-Basil Leaves (Pasta with Champignon-Mozzarella Sauce). Because they don’t eat much mackerel specially if it is cooked with soup and vegetables. They prefer fried or fried with a little bit of sauce.


* 250g Champignon
* 500ml Butter Milk
* 250g Sour Cream
* Some grated Mozzarella Cheese
* 500g Spirale Tricolore (Pasta)
* 3tbsps. Butter
* Salt to taste
* Herbs (Italian Herbs)
* 5pcs. medium-sized peeled Tomatoes
* Some Basil Leaves fresh or dried (I used dried)


** Cooked pasta according to package instruction al dente.
** Heat a pan or caserole, melt butter saute tomatoes and champignon. Add herbs, basil leaves, butter milk and sour cream. Cook for about five minutes. Season with salt and pour sauce to pasta topped with mozzarella chesse. Serve while hot. Happy Cooking and Guten Appetit 😉


Today is the 10th celebration of WORLD VEGAN DAY. The World Vegan Day is an international day of action, the first time was on November 1, 1994 was held on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Vegan Society and is celebrated every year since then on November 1st. Vegan diets, is the complete surrender of all animal foods, is becoming popularly increasing. On the occasion of WORLD VEGAN DAY I do not want to explain why this is good for animals and the environment for once-but let pictures speak:


From the farm to my kitchen, green beans cooked with some frankfurter, flour, yoghurt and broth cube or vegeta.


Bell peppers as sauce for pasta with onions, garlic, tomatoe paste and peeled tomatoes seasoned with Italian herbs, vegeta, salt and pepper.


Here is another one also pure veggies. Saluyot (Jute Leaves) with string beans and winged bean (Pallang) seasoned with anchovy sauce.

The relationship between humans and animals is such a thing. Somehow always seems to chase the other one. Eventually, the man then began to move from hunting to grow. Today, a meat-eater eats during his life around 1064 animals, according to the Association for the Environment and Nature Protection. But he just needs to relax the freezer stroll along. Only vegans do it all, to renounce the killing – added with some effort. For example, the egg can not be replaced quite easily while baking. To mark World Vegantages they showed images of animals that end else in the laboratory, like clothes, as a handbag or simply on the plate.