Back to the roots! 🙂
The idea to build a show garden vegetables, arose because many people due to the increasing industrialization can not remember how to thrive various vegetables and taste freshly harvested.


Just like what you see here above photo, from farm to my kitchen-freshly cooked vegetables. Which varieties when and how grown, is no longer belongs to the life experience of the younger generation today. I am so thankful that I was given a chance to show it to my two kids specially to my daughter. With the help of my hubby was an experinced for our daughter too. Seasonal fruits and vegetables provide throughout the year for natural variation in the diet. The fruit and vegetable season calendar you know in which months which varieties are ripe and are offered regionally. I’m always amazed at what in our latitudes everything grows and thrives specially here in europe. The seasonal calendar is based on the relevant month currently ripe fruit and vegetables from Austria. Goods unheated greenhouses and polytunnels in off-peak times as well as Austrian stock items. The time data can be shifted due to the weather for a few weeks .
The natural use of ingredients, their processing and preparation, you can change your eating habits for the better in the long term. Thus, for example in a simple manner lowered the fat content, reduced the salt content or hard A compatible be avoided. Cooking is fun and you will taste the difference! Take it away from me Folks 😉 Happy Cooking!


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