RAGUOT or peppering meat is a dish of stewed or steamed, mostly small meat, poultry, or fish pieces or mushrooms and other ingredients in a spicy, creamy sauce often just like this. There are three different ideas which I’m sharing here to you my recipe. Both I used pork meat and the last one is with vegetables.


Here above is Pork belly with bell peppers and onions. Just cut the meat into small pieces so with onion and bell peppers. Saute first the meat in a little bit ammount of canola oil, add onion and bell peppers, then cover for five minutes with a half cup of water until meat is tender and over low heat or low fire. Seasoned with broth cube, salt and pepper. The sauce is not that much just what left from the water I added to let meat tender.


Here above is almost the same procedure the only different is I seasoned it with “TOYOMANSI”, salt and pepper only with onion rings. Looks like the classic “FILIPINO ADOBO” πŸ˜‰


And here is the perfect RAGUOT of the day with vegetables and sauce. Dinner for tonight just finish it cooking. Everybody are at home and looking forward for a warm dinner. So I did πŸ˜›



* Pork Belly about half a kilo (Yields four persons)
* 2 pcs. Onions
* 2 pcs. medium-sized Carrots
* 1 small Pechay Baguio (China Kohl)
* some Flour or 3 tbsps. Flour
* 1 cup or 500g of Yogurt
* 1 pc. Broth Cube
* Salt and Pepper
* some Water water



Heat a wok or pan, add some Canola oil and saute meat in it.


Add onion, carrots and Broth Cube. Mix it all together.


Combine or mix 3 table spoon of flour and yogurt. And pour it to the mixture while stirring.


Then add Pechay and mix again. Cover for about 5 minutes until done, over low heat or low fire.
Adjust seasoning if necessary with salt and pepper. Serve with hot rice a typical Filipino always with rice πŸ˜›
Take away from me Folks, Dolly here πŸ˜‰


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