Back to the roots! 🙂
The idea to build a show garden vegetables, arose because many people due to the increasing industrialization can not remember how to thrive various vegetables and taste freshly harvested.


Just like what you see here above photo, from farm to my kitchen-freshly cooked vegetables. Which varieties when and how grown, is no longer belongs to the life experience of the younger generation today. I am so thankful that I was given a chance to show it to my two kids specially to my daughter. With the help of my hubby was an experinced for our daughter too. Seasonal fruits and vegetables provide throughout the year for natural variation in the diet. The fruit and vegetable season calendar you know in which months which varieties are ripe and are offered regionally. I’m always amazed at what in our latitudes everything grows and thrives specially here in europe. The seasonal calendar is based on the relevant month currently ripe fruit and vegetables from Austria. Goods unheated greenhouses and polytunnels in off-peak times as well as Austrian stock items. The time data can be shifted due to the weather for a few weeks .
The natural use of ingredients, their processing and preparation, you can change your eating habits for the better in the long term. Thus, for example in a simple manner lowered the fat content, reduced the salt content or hard A compatible be avoided. Cooking is fun and you will taste the difference! Take it away from me Folks 😉 Happy Cooking!



👩‍🍳Pure vegetables is my lunch today. Maybe this will be interesting for those who love veggies like me. I added or better to say topped with CREME FRAICHE before serving! CREME FRAICHE- is from the French culture and means fresh cream. Crème fraîche with 40 % fat content is a versatile food and very creative in the modern kitchen. Because the high-fat content does not matter, on the contrary, it gives the crème fraîche the right taste. And since it is used in meals for refining, crème fraîche is a varied addition. Simple recipe potatoes and spinach infused with lots of garlic served with Creme fraiche. How I love vegetables. Home prep meal as quick as that. Thank you so much for watching, please subscribe.🤗



This Yields four persons:
* 400g Spinach
* 1/2 kilo Potatoes, boiled, peeled, and sliced
* 2 whole Garlic, crushed and peeled
* some Canola Oil
* 125g Creme Fraiche with Herbs
* some Vegeta
* Salt and Pepper
* some water to cook spinach


Enjoy cooking, GUTEN APPETIT! 😉



RAGUOT or peppering meat is a dish of stewed or steamed, mostly small meat, poultry, or fish pieces or mushrooms and other ingredients in a spicy, creamy sauce often just like this. There are three different ideas which I’m sharing here to you my recipe. Both I used pork meat and the last one is with vegetables.


Here above is Pork belly with bell peppers and onions. Just cut the meat into small pieces so with onion and bell peppers. Saute first the meat in a little bit ammount of canola oil, add onion and bell peppers, then cover for five minutes with a half cup of water until meat is tender and over low heat or low fire. Seasoned with broth cube, salt and pepper. The sauce is not that much just what left from the water I added to let meat tender.


Here above is almost the same procedure the only different is I seasoned it with “TOYOMANSI”, salt and pepper only with onion rings. Looks like the classic “FILIPINO ADOBO” 😉


And here is the perfect RAGUOT of the day with vegetables and sauce. Dinner for tonight just finish it cooking. Everybody are at home and looking forward for a warm dinner. So I did 😛



* Pork Belly about half a kilo (Yields four persons)
* 2 pcs. Onions
* 2 pcs. medium-sized Carrots
* 1 small Pechay Baguio (China Kohl)
* some Flour or 3 tbsps. Flour
* 1 cup or 500g of Yogurt
* 1 pc. Broth Cube
* Salt and Pepper
* some Water water



Heat a wok or pan, add some Canola oil and saute meat in it.


Add onion, carrots and Broth Cube. Mix it all together.


Combine or mix 3 table spoon of flour and yogurt. And pour it to the mixture while stirring.


Then add Pechay and mix again. Cover for about 5 minutes until done, over low heat or low fire.
Adjust seasoning if necessary with salt and pepper. Serve with hot rice a typical Filipino always with rice 😛
Take away from me Folks, Dolly here 😉



From the farm – tomatoe plantation at Frauenkirchen in Burgenland, Austria direct to my Kiotchen. 😉  Our Saturday afternoon bonding in the farm with hubby and our daughter!


The mild climate at Lake Neusiedl, the largest steppe lake in Central Europe, is ideal for tomatoes: With 300 days of the year the sun shines. With unconventional methods the plants never pours and does not bind to it brings the flavors of the delicious old tomato varieties to their best advatage.

Immediately after harvest the tomatoes to Sugos, jams or chutneys are further processed, can be bought on the farm and in selected delis. From July to September leads daily enthusiasts with its fields.


The fastest way of preserving them over winter at home, bring water into boil for about 4.3 liters in a pot.  Once it boils put the whole tomatoes. Note: nothing to be cut or remove, for about 1 minute, then take out with a spoon and put in a bowl with cold water. Then the tomatoes are no longer hot and the Pelle or skin dissolves or remove easily. Packed it proportionally and freeze it. Take it away from me Folks! 😉