image_01Starting in the City of Bratislava, city trips for two was a gift from our two kids on our 25th wedding anniversary that was last May 24, of this year. We stayed at Lindner Hotel Gallery Central Bratislava.

Since we love to explore new cities and escape the stresses of the day just for a couple of hours we decided to have our break for two in beautiful Bratislava.
Photo above a view from our Hotel window on the 12th floor. The hotel is really a show, as it is located directly on the park Landscaped roof of the new Central shopping center. The majority of the rooms and the Bar & Lounge offers a fantastic views of the Old Town and Bratislava Castle, the symbol of the city. Centrally located and just a few minutes from the city center and you can admire the many sights of the city and leave us an enchanted by the charm of the eastern metropolis.
image_01On the following day we visited the old city which is not far from our Hotel. Where you can find almost all the embassy of different countries inside. Different restaurants as cultural diversity.
After a busy day then falls in your cozy bed, you will already making plans for the next day. After a relaxing night we enjoyed a rich breakfast buffet where we are strengthen for further exploring.
Chinese Restaurant inside Central. – iCookiTravel
And these was lunch and dinner inside Central which is behind our hotel. You couldn’t ask for more prices are very affordable and quantity as you could see on the picture above. Hubby and I we enjoyed it. Thank you so much to our Kiddos (two Kids), Ronald-Louis and Diana-Grace for this gift. ❤ ❤ ❤
For shopping Lindner Hotel is just ideal for you have direct access to more than 150 shops and boutiques where you can find something for you as remembrance throughout your trip. Discovered the Eastern Europe and let you from Bratislava under his spell at City trips for two.

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