Today is a public holiday in Vienna, a Christian feast day, (Corpus Christi) or solemnity which honors the Body (corpus) of Christ (Christi).
It so happened both of us at are home (Hubby and I). I thought the company where he work would not allow him to have his day off today because of vaction time for the whole staff. Now it starts the rotation of summer vacation of all staff in his work. But anyway, we enjoyed the day today even only at home. Tomorrow he will be on duty again.


I cooked our lunch today, one among of his favorit the so called “PINAPAITAN”!
It is all innards from beef which I bought the last time we went to Matha Store, an India Shop.
Here I got this froozen “BILE” which is also from beef. Bile is the liquid from gall bladder which gives this bitter taste of “PINAPAITAN”.


Consist of 80% BEEF TRIPE, 10% of BEEF LIVER and 10% of BEEF HEART plus BEEF BILE!


* A piece of Beef Heart
* A piece of Beef Liver
* 250g Beef tripe
* A thumb-sized Ginger, peeled and cut into sticks
* 1 Onion
* 6 Cloves Garlic or Garlic powder
* some Canola Oil
* Salt and Pepper
* some Lemon extract
* 1 Beef broth cube
* 1 Spoon of Beef Bile (Papait)


* Wash thouroughly and boil the meat until tender. Remove the broth and cut into thin sticks.
* Heat a caserole and add some canola oil then saute onion, ginger and garlic. Add the meat mix all together. Put some water or broth. I added some water for soup and not the broth wherein I cooked the meat until tender. Cover and let it boil again until done. Seasoned with salt and pepper, beef broth cube, bile and lemon extract. Served while hot with rice. Take it away from me Folks! 😉


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