“TAKWAY” is a sort of roots of Gabi (Taro). Which use to cook by my late father and late mother. Not only the Ilongos but also the Ilocanos. In Iloilo they use to cook it in combinaton of coconut mik. But in Ilocos region in combination of anchovy sauce or Bagoong .

My TAKWAY with Rip Smoked Meat

Takway is also very good source of fiber too. I remember my late nanay (Mother) she always cooked it with coconut milk (ginataan) combined with small shrimps or daing (dried fish) and seasoned with guinamos or bagoong. While my late tatay (Father) he loves it with bagoong (Anchovy Sauce) and with a little bit of vinegar, he called it “Pinaksiw sa Bagoong”!


I bought this from an India Shop near us and was so fresh from delivery. I decided to try it with the combination of Smoked Rip Meat and seasoned it accordingly as what my father used to cooked before during his time.
As usual you have to peel the thin outer skin of it. Saute garlic, onion and ginger. Added the smoked rip which was cut into small cube and a little bit of soup stock, covered and let it boil until meat is nearly done. Then added Takway and seasoned with anchovy sauce or bagoong. Continue cooking until takway is done. Served with hot rice. Enjoy cooking Folks! 😀


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