Sports as medicine – Why Exercise is healthy!

Diverse effects.
Exercise is important for health. This finding is an all-natural principle. A person has to move has always been to live on, and his whole organism is dependent on physical activity to operate as smoothly as possible. Inadequate exercise leads to regression of physical structures and reduced performance of the various organ systems.


Gymnastic exercises and muscle building workouts are the best help for the musculoskeletal system . Muscles not only support the skeleton and joints , they shall by force transmission to the bone, only that movements are possible at all. They also include the myoglobin protein material which serves as an oxygen reservoir. This is what I do for at least once a week after or before work at Baxter Wellness with my colleagues.
Blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Good to know specially for those who are suffering from high blood preassure, with high cholesterol and diabetic like me. 😦
Aerobic exercise also lowers important risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The blood pressure drops , blood flow is improved, the cholesterol values ​​are changing in favor of the healthier (HDL) – cholesterol, glucose metabolism is affected positively and thus facilitates weight reduction.

The importance of movement reveals itself alone in the fact that the increase in sedentary activities to more and more damage to the spine and the joints leads. Gymnastic exercises promote overall flexibility and extensibility and prevent postural spinal and joint damage. Both exercises and muscle training should be carried out strictly under the supervision of an experienced trainer or therapist. That’s what we have at Baxter Wellness.

The ideal exercise program for the promotion of health is certainly in a combination of endurance sports, gymnastics and weight training with a focus on endurance. Sports as medicine – an activity that is worthwhile. So take it away from me Folks! 😉


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