Yesterday we had our reunion our Holy Family Community the Class of Saint Vincent de Paul (MS 6). Host couple was brother Jeffry and sister Cris Pilor in their flat at 10th District of Vienna. This was the second reunion of our group for the year 2014.


My daughter baked this GUGELHUPF yesterday for our group as a dedication for all MS 6 moms!


* 500g Butter
* 500g Sugar
* 2 Packs Vanilla Sugar
* 700g Flour
* 2 Packs Baking powder
* 8 pcs. Eggs
* 500ml Milk
* 6 spoon Cocoa
* Sugar (confectioner) for garnishing


So take it away from my daughter folks! 😉


** BOWL 1
Butter and sifted sugar, vanilla sugar, and egg yolk mix until light and fluffy.
** BOWL 2
Flour mix with baking powder.
** Mix first bowl and second bowl but alternately with milk.
** Beat egg whites until fluffy and stir in.
** Divide dough into two, the other half add into cocoa.
** Mixture indulged alternately.
** Beked in preheated oven 175° for about 50-60 minutes

Pasalubong from PINAS

This was “pasalubong-gift” from the Philippines of the host couple.
A very classic way of celebrating mother’s day for me. Got up at one o’clock pm today beside my bed flowers and hubby calling from the kitchen…”mommy kain na tayo”…I just rolled out of bed today and started going about my business without any thought to simple hygiene, which really is pretty nasty – especially if it is a conscious choice still with my pajama on, right leg up on my chair eating this brunch “na kinakamay”! I let myself be pampered by my family and outside it’s raining a very perfect lazy day for a mom like me on Mothers Day! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL!

Check this out:


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