Today is a public holiday in Austria!
Corpus Christi, is in Austria not only a feast of the Catholic church year, but also a public holiday. This is always celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday. Linguistically oriented to the holiday of Corpus Christi on the Latin “corpus christi”, and was in the Middle High German language translated VRON (of the Lord) lîcham (abdomen). From this it is already deduced, which is celebrated at Corpus Christi: the bodily presence of Jesus Christ through the sacrament of the Eucharist, following the example of the Last Supper.

Baked Corn Brown Bread

A healty brown bread for dabetic like me. Today my daughter baked a corn brown bread for my merienda. As a snack with a little butter, or just by itself, but I bought this herring fish with garlic in a bottle from IKEA yesterday and I found out it goes with it perfectly. With a sliced red bell pepper and some small radish and a cup of coffee made my Thursday afternoon perfect on this holiday.



Sports as medicine – Why Exercise is healthy!

Diverse effects.
Exercise is important for health. This finding is an all-natural principle. A person has to move has always been to live on, and his whole organism is dependent on physical activity to operate as smoothly as possible. Inadequate exercise leads to regression of physical structures and reduced performance of the various organ systems.


Gymnastic exercises and muscle building workouts are the best help for the musculoskeletal system . Muscles not only support the skeleton and joints , they shall by force transmission to the bone, only that movements are possible at all. They also include the myoglobin protein material which serves as an oxygen reservoir. This is what I do for at least once a week after or before work at Baxter Wellness with my colleagues.
Blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Good to know specially for those who are suffering from high blood preassure, with high cholesterol and diabetic like me. 😦
Aerobic exercise also lowers important risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The blood pressure drops , blood flow is improved, the cholesterol values ​​are changing in favor of the healthier (HDL) – cholesterol, glucose metabolism is affected positively and thus facilitates weight reduction.

The importance of movement reveals itself alone in the fact that the increase in sedentary activities to more and more damage to the spine and the joints leads. Gymnastic exercises promote overall flexibility and extensibility and prevent postural spinal and joint damage. Both exercises and muscle training should be carried out strictly under the supervision of an experienced trainer or therapist. That’s what we have at Baxter Wellness.

The ideal exercise program for the promotion of health is certainly in a combination of endurance sports, gymnastics and weight training with a focus on endurance. Sports as medicine – an activity that is worthwhile. So take it away from me Folks! 😉


Stocks is not for everyone. Not all people having a stock of food stuff at home. If you’re hungry but no food at home, you still do not have to starve – not even on Sunday but today is Monda, tha start of the week. And for sure you have some food that you always love to have at home. So it is Monday and no plan at all to go out. What we have in refrigerator that will be cook for today. Let us start for todays breakfast 😀


We still have this chicken hot dog which I bought for quite some time at new India shop near us. I bought it just for a try, for us it is something new.


Hubby’s version of chicken hotdog for breakfast. It is with beaten egg and
chopped chive seasoned with salt and pepper. 🙂


And this is my version also with beaten egg but I added also tomatoes, onion, and red bell pepper. Our two kids ate both version with buns.


Now we don’nt have lunch at home. At work we have this employees Canteen. Coming back home in the afternoon we both; hubby and I prepared this meal.
Just because your fridge is empty, it does not automatically mean that you have nothing to eat at home really. With a little imagination and skill, you can whip up a tasty meal also alleged residues. For me enough with stir-fry bitter gourd (melon/ ampalaya) with tomatoe, onion and beaten egg. Now for sure you will ask me why again with eggs! 😛
Eggs in the morning for breakfast then again eggs for dinner! Yes you read it right! That’s what we have in refrigerator today and two pieces of “Ampalaya” (bitter gour/melon). However, of course…the more ingredients are available, the more refined your cooking can be.


Fortunately hubby found a pack of beef meat with a litte bit bone in ‘chill pack’. In his mind to have a soup “Nilaga” (boiled beef) woud be good. weather outside, it’s rainng…perfect isn’t it! 😉
It goes with a bunch of Pechay too left over from my “Tilapia Guinataan with Pechay the other day. Seasoned with “Patis” (fish sauce) and pepper corn.

We don’t have any fear of having dry food, I mmean without any sauce or just fried and sauteed. But if you have a chance and the ingredients at home have some soup this make you feel satiable. Because even a tasty roux can be prepared without much effort and especially without a lot of ingredients. very general rule is that you should do a little experiment with the simple, what you see on your shelves of food. With a little creativity can also be made ​​of dry ingredients conjure up a delicious meal. Well, on Wenesday or Friday time to do some shopping for stocks and maybe on Satuday hubby should get some meat and fish too. 😉
This is our Monday Food Stuff at home don’t ask me about dessert or “Panghimagas” because the answer is nothing!


This is again a very late update and entry!☹️
As a mother to two kids, wife and plus my job always late update here on my WEBLOG!
Last Sunday May 18 our church community the HOLY FAMILY COMMUNITY (HFC) went to to DICHTICE, SLOVAKIA.

The last time I’ve been there was year 2011 with the Missionaries of Mary Mother of the Poor (MMMP) in Austria.


The simplicity of this cross standing and the perfect beauty of the lookout into the valley as if closed up the modesty and beauty of “QUEEN OF HELP” who chose just this hill Svatodušnica for the second place of apparitions.One day it was the 04. December 1994 after the holy mass children Martin, Adriana and Michaela were deciding if they will go to a neighbor village called Dobra Voda (Good water – phonetic: DOHBRAH VOHDAH). They used to go there on a pilgrimage to worship a holy cross standing above the village on a hill.At once they have seen the sun to start to roll and close up to them. When they woke up from their astonishment this phenomenon has stopped They looked at the village. They saw everything black so as they got scared. They decided that they will go to Dobra Voda and went to say it to their parents.In the village of Dobra Voda on the way to the cross they have seen the sun phenomenon again. During the prayer of rosary Martin has felt a stiffness and a peculiar peace went through him. At a place where he just looked at was a fog and he saw a drab figure. Then he heard words: „My child my children I am happy that you have come and that you pray here.“Straight afterwards it was said to him: „Martin do not be afraid to accept my words. I want to use you for God’s and my plans.“Martin remembers it this way: “At that time I did not know who it was. I left it in my heart. Only after the holy rosary I realized that it was Virgin Mary.” When he went through it all again in his head he got scared. He did not know what to do. He entrusted it to Adriana and Michaela.In the village at that time a statue of Our Lady of Fatima went from one house to another house from Thursday to following Thursday and by this statue the family where it was used to pray by it. They started to call the statue 2a pilgrim”. A exactly in this period of time when Martin for the first time saw Virgin Mary “the pilgrim” statue was in their house and so all members of the family used to pray at this statue. During the prayer Our Lady used to come and Martin saw her even more distinctive. „The meeting with Our Lady was marvelous that feeling was wonderful „ – he talks about it and follows: “But even then there was a doubt in me if it is Our Lady for sure.” He said it to his grand mother who advised him to spray the apparition with holy water. If it will be a bad spirit he will vanish for sure – he will not be able to bear the holy water. According to that he will know if it is Our Lady or not. For the following meeting Martin prepared a little cup with holy water. When Our Lady appeared he put his fingers in the holy water and sprayed it. Our Lady smiled nicely. Martin thought: “Should I spray her again? Will it be enough? May be those drops of water did not fall on her and it is only Satan who is mocking me.” After that he took a little bit more water and sprayed her once again. Wet stains stayed on her clothes. She smiled nicely again. “To be sure totally I took even more of the holy water and I got a lot of it” says Martin “and I doused her in such a way that her clothes stayed wet.” Our Lady smiled again at me and a big shining light poured out of her and I got to feel a joy and peace. We prayed afterwards together and talked to each other. I was very happy that it was Our Lady that it was not a Satan – Martin adds.Apparitions continued each Thursday in the church. But they were not regular so Martin did not know when Our Lady will come. On Thursday he got messages which Our Lady asked to spread into the whole world and wished that the people in the parish should start to live according to them because She wants to lead this parish in a special way. Again for a few times Our Lady appeared at the neighboring village of Dobra Voda. After that apparitions ceased there and continued in Dechtice.Our Lady asked for a pilgrimage to the cross on the hill above the village on the 15. August 1995. On this day she introduced herself as beatified Virgin Mary – “QUEEN OF HELP”. She wished that the 15. August would be celebrated as an annual day of her apparition.

Going inside Dechtice, we got lost, was unexpected and I didd know that I have to guide the whole group it seems that for everybody it was their first time to be there. So with the bus driver. I was really surprised when sister Eva requested me infront near the bus driver to guide him on our way. Because if I ever know it I would prepare myself the day before for everything. When we got inside Dechtice, I got totally blocked and not remembering the way this is really strange, where infact we passed twice where the fountain near the chapel. Instead we drove inside Dobra Voda this is the other side of the hill.
Finally, as I turned my sweater while talking with mama mary(saying: “PLEASE GIVE ME A SIGN”) with tears in the eyes and the rest of the group was reciting the prayers of the holy rosary just a seccond I saw from far away the chapel tower. On the spot I remembered right there you will past by the fountain before you reach the chapel and from there I know how to get up on the hill whwre tha shrine and apparitions site was. Also with the help of my daughter using the navigation through my iPhone which was before hand lost its internet connection at all as we drove in at Dobra Voda. I just qoute: “Everything happened for a reason!”
We celebrated the holy mass right there with Father Michael.
Dechtice is considered the “Medjugorje” of Slovakia.

On our way home we spend two hours inside Eurovea Galeria Shopping Center at Bratislava. Picture above was my daughter’s late lunch, merienda and early dinner!
She also made a little bit shopping of some nibbling for home.


For birthdays, it is common in my company that the birthday child brings a meal plus cake or dessert. As a celebration with colleagues.


Since they love my Sotanghon with chicken breast and shrimps, I always cook it for them about two and half kilo Sotanghon for fifteen people. Some of them tried to cook it at home I just gave them my personal recipe but everybody saying that it turned out not as good as mine. They would love to have it at work from me. 😉


And not to forget the Lumping Shanghai and sometimes spring rolls. Most of the time they would ask me for spring rolls without ground meat. They also love my version pure vegetables in it. Like cabbage or pechay, carrots, mung bean sprouts (togue), potatoes, green beans and spring onions. I use to bring it alternately for option.


For cake this time my daughter baked a Guglehupf. It was her recipe for them to try.
We always have fun while eating and everybody are helping for setting the table everytime we have celebretion. Besides of celebration we also have our breakfast together whenever we have duty on Saturdays. Having fun and good time together while having our breakfast.


Yesterday we had our reunion our Holy Family Community the Class of Saint Vincent de Paul (MS 6). Host couple was brother Jeffry and sister Cris Pilor in their flat at 10th District of Vienna. This was the second reunion of our group for the year 2014.


My daughter baked this GUGELHUPF yesterday for our group as a dedication for all MS 6 moms!


* 500g Butter
* 500g Sugar
* 2 Packs Vanilla Sugar
* 700g Flour
* 2 Packs Baking powder
* 8 pcs. Eggs
* 500ml Milk
* 6 spoon Cocoa
* Sugar (confectioner) for garnishing


So take it away from my daughter folks! 😉


** BOWL 1
Butter and sifted sugar, vanilla sugar, and egg yolk mix until light and fluffy.
** BOWL 2
Flour mix with baking powder.
** Mix first bowl and second bowl but alternately with milk.
** Beat egg whites until fluffy and stir in.
** Divide dough into two, the other half add into cocoa.
** Mixture indulged alternately.
** Beked in preheated oven 175° for about 50-60 minutes

Pasalubong from PINAS

This was “pasalubong-gift” from the Philippines of the host couple.
A very classic way of celebrating mother’s day for me. Got up at one o’clock pm today beside my bed flowers and hubby calling from the kitchen…”mommy kain na tayo”…I just rolled out of bed today and started going about my business without any thought to simple hygiene, which really is pretty nasty – especially if it is a conscious choice still with my pajama on, right leg up on my chair eating this brunch “na kinakamay”! I let myself be pampered by my family and outside it’s raining a very perfect lazy day for a mom like me on Mothers Day! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL!

Check this out:


Last Saturday, May 4 the group of Caviteños (CIRCULO Caviteño) here in Vienna went on Pilgrimage to Prague. We left Vienna around 6:40 am and arrived in Prague around 12 noon. The pilgrimage was all about the Infant Jesus of Prague (Sto. Niño de Prague).


Since we arrived noontime my daughter and I we had our lunch at Zebra Asian Noodle Bar located at old town square Prague. The decor is very well done, unfussy but still with many details. The menu is a culinary journey through Asia … Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese! The portions are adequate and very tasty. The staff was very friendly. (For more details check here out : I got my garnished salmon with rice and with teriyaki sauce. While my daughter ordered spareribs with honey sauce. But beforehand we had won ton soup. And after attending the holy mass we had our coffee break at Starbucks/ Česká republika. As you could see picture above. Then we took a walk around the old town square. This was not our first visit to Prague. The last time we are here with my whole family was five years ago.


At three o’clock in the afternoon we celebrated the mass at the Church of Our Lady Victorious. Located at Karmelitská Street. Wherein the statue of Infant Jesus of Prague at home during this time. Many of our Filipino Kababayans came from all over europe used to pilgrim at this place during first Sunday of May.


Picture above was taken at Charles Bridge!
The Charles Bridge is a famous historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic. Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and finished in the beginning of the 15th century. (Source:


Old Prague ham fresh from the grill at the Old Town Square and potatoes chips on sticks with chili and salt. Street stall selling potato crisps on sticks at Old Town Square.Todays International fast food chain has also found its way into Prague with McDonalds, starbucks or other fast food restaurants. Whether Chinese, Asian, Italian, here you will find all regions of the world as a culinary options again.
But the hearty Czech cuisine with dumplings, roast and the sauce is still a big hit if you like this type of cuisine. For dessert, then the famous pancakes in different variations, beers from the Czech Republic.


And not to forget the astronomical clock is a clock with special mechanisms and dials to display astronomical information, such as the relative positions of the sun, moon, zodiacal constellations, and sometimes major planets. (Source:

After a whole day trip, came back to Vienna exactly eleven o’clock before midnight but had so much fun!


Barilla Bavette are an imaginative version of spaghetti, but unlike them they are flat with a slight curvature. Among the long formats of pasta made from durum wheat semolina Bavette are therefore particularly suitable for the flavor development of sauces. For the sauce can be captured from the vault, which then reproduces the palate the full diversity of taste.
Bavette stay with lighter and delicate sauces always al dente.


This was served for brunch at home. And for afters fresh strawberries as you could see on picture above 😉
Until the mid of fifties, a distinction between pasta from Naples and pasta from Genoa, the major port city in northern Italy. Naples is generally associated with spaghetti, pasta of the most famous places in conjunction. The cradle of Bavette, however, was Genoa.
As the leading Italian manufacturer Barilla has made known the Bavette with their regional origin also. Today, these places Pasta is popular throughout Italy and around the world, because they flawlessly with all vegetables and fish sauces and all traditional preparations of Mediterranean cuisine.



* 500g Bavette
* 250g Seafood (Meeresfrüchte/ Shrimps, small squid, small mussels, and small clams)
* Canola Oil
* Spring Onions for garnishing
* 6 cloves Garlic, peeled and minced
* 1 pc. Onions, chopped
* 6 eggs, hard-boiled peeled and sliced
* 1/2 cup flaked Tinapa
* 1/2 cup pounded Chicharon
* Patis to taste (Fish Sauce)
* For the sauce to save time you can also use the one from Mama Sita’s (2 pouch) or Make your own Sauce with shrimps and 4 cups chicken broth and 2 cups shrimps juice from pounded shrimp shell!


* Cooked Bavette according to package instruction or al dente.

* For toppings: Heat a pan, pour some Canola Oil. Saute onion, garlic, and seafood. Pour in chicken broth/ shrimps juice and bring to boil. Patis to taste. If done mix the sauce with Bavette. To served arrange Bavette in a platter, topped with sauted seafood, fish or tinapa flaked, sliced eggs, chicharon, spring onions and with 1 tablespoon fried garlic. For etra fine taste, with sliced lemon or kalamansi. Enjoy!