But even in the smallest space there’s a place for a planlet.


The city is green, gardens in public places is as hip as on roof terraces and small garden. Energy is also a big issue at this time. The sun shines for all. With the lengthening days, therefore, not only man and nature come back into gear. Passionate hobby gardeners comes to meet the technology. Flowers and tulips are everywhere. April-This month is full of events in nature. The first green venturing out, the birds build their nests and sing all day. It’s Spring!
More and more trees end their winter rest. As you could see picture above. In some years they have been doing this beginning of April, while in other time only in May. It depends on the weather, whether it is warm or cold at this time. After a series of warm days you can almost see the buds are open. Very delicate and light green leaves are coming out and the flowers unfold. This is how spring wakes me up and the different scent in the air, Which I love most, same as the weather. For me the most very exciting season of the year. I’m enjoying it when it comes … “SPRING” 🙂

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