DIDI’s PANCAKES (my daughter)

This was included in our EASTER MONDAY’s BRUNCH (yesterday). My daughter’s pancakes without sugar, instead salt because of me 😉 as a diabetic I always take an extra care with my sugar.


My two kids loves to eat it with variety of sauce and syrup like ahorn syrup, maple-flavored pancake syrup, marmalade or jam (usually strawberry flavoured), and chocolate. As you could see picture above!


I l ❤ ve it, without sugar salt instead and too fluffy 🙂
Before I used to eat it with blueberry jam, since I'm a diabetic have to omit.


See how she is l ❤ ves to stand in my kitchen just for her pancakes. In action always wether pancakes, puto or any sweet that she loves to prepare.
This Recipe covers for 6 Persons:


* 120g Flour
* 1/4 Liter Milk
* 1 Egg
* 1 Pinch Salt
* some Vegetable Oil


* Combine all ingredients in a bowl with a whisk or blender, blend all together until a smooth, liquid dough is formed.

* Heat a pan put with little oil and add the dough do not give too much dough otherwise the pancake is too thic. If it is slightly brown, flip the pancake.

* While still hot, fill with jam or fruit puree, or possibly your desire syrup, or sauce just like my two kids by this time with chocolate pour over.

In Austria PanCakes are called “PALATSCHINKEN”. Why “PALATSCHINKEN”?
It has been told that the name PALATSCHINKEN or PANCAKE is originally from the Romanian and there was derived from the Latin placenta for cakes and then the Hungarian (Palacsinta) in large parts of Central Europe on borrowed (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, etc.). Crepes are thinner and finer than the usual pancakes and eaten both savory and sweet filled in Austria, Hungary and the Balkans. The ranges of plugs (Quark), jam, nuts, coconut, ice cream, chocolate vegetables like spinach to meat (minced meat).


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