GOLDEN AGE (My 50th)

The 50th Birthday is a striking date. Have you ever reached it? Then you might wonder how many others beyond midlife, as it will go, what to bring to life yet? This was no different for me.

Most are over 50 say of himself, I’m not old. I stand in the middle of my life. And yet: It is the right moment to set the stage for the next phase of life. To think about
Finally, I got time to make some update here 😉
Last January 3, I celebrated my golden year, YES you read it right I’M 50!
On that day, I celebrated with my colleague (at work). I tell you it was 3 days celebration 😛


The first celebration was on the exact date and day at work, I was on duty. I just prepared at home salad and bought a baked cake from merkur market, because I don’t have time to cook on that day. See down here a mix plate of grilled meat, brown bread, salad and of course chili.


We just ordered the grill plate from grill city located at 20th and 21st District of Vienna. A Serbian wood charcoal grill Restaurant.


The second celebration occurs at home with Saint Vincent de Paul family (Marrige Spirituality-Holy Family Community) with father Ron Sandoval our beloved spiritual adviser. Sister Tess San Buenaventura- one of our Elders and wife of our choir master, who made my birthday cake that day, so grateful to her for being so kind and thoughtful, priceless.

My Birthday Celebration with MS-HFC

Then the following day which was the third celebration day was with the 21st birthday celebration of my son Ronald-Louis. Also at home with some new friends. The birthday cake was made by Weng a huge one!


HEAVENLY FATHER, Thank you so much for the GIFT of LIFE.
The important thing about celebrating a birthday is to give thanks being alive, and having a blessed life with caring friends and a loving family. Thank you so much who remembered me on my day, who send me greetings and wonderful wishes both personally, personal messages on Telephone, Handy, FACEBOOK (particularly Father Ron Sandoval, Jojit de Mesa, Kuya (Rey) Reynaldo Reyes, BFF Dana, sis Gisela Eusebio Gumamit, sis Sonia Arban Cosares, Rowena Gumamit, manang Elizabeth Schallmayer, Bernadette Kenniker, my Bes Fely Cervantes, Aurora Bebot Esguerra, Jennifer Schötta, Emie Pardilla, sis Teodora Gozar, Jess Antonio, Zeny Fresto, sis Julia Größling, bro (Boiet) Jose Jimenez, Vhinsky Cortez Haber, Freda Tolentino, ate Anita Bendo Castillo, and to those who does not want to be mention their names, on my FACEBOOK WALL, my TWITTER ACCOUNT, TUMBLR ACCOUNT and for those who extra spend their time to ring me up and to those who does not want to be mention their names, my MS-HFC FAMILY specially my SAINT VINCENT DE PAUL FAMILY, my BAXTER FAMILY, to all my BATCHMATES of BATCH 81 (Rizal Tech. University), my NOYTUBE FAMILY, my YOUTUBE FOLLOWERS, my WORDPRES BLOG FOLLOWERS, my TWITTER FOLOWERS, my TUMBLR FOLLOWERS, my FACEBOOK friends, my friends in VIENNA, my friends all over the WORLD, my friends in EUROPE, HONGKONG, LONDON, JAPAN, and USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, and MIDDLE EAST, my FOOD FRIENDS, my FAMILY FRIENDS, my BEST FRIENDS (you know who you are: BES/BFF), my College colleague, my RELATIVES (my cousins and nieces) and of course my very own FAMILY… THANK YOU SO MUCH “HINDI PO MABABAYARAN”! 🙂

He had on the 5th day of January and I on the 3rd day, only one day in between. With this blog I would like to give suggestions for an active life in old age. contribute to recognize the positive aspects of growing older without the less beautiful hide.


Here was my third birthday cake Mocha flavor which I brought to manong Val and manang Terry’s house who invited us for bonding during holiday season, one among my very long time friend here in Vienna.


This was my fourth birthday cake baked by my colleague Jana. Nutella cake with 800 gram Nutella in it, at worked we celebrated it twice on different dates. Of course with my famous “Sotanghon with Shrimps and Chicken Breast” Everebody’s favorit at work 🙂



From year to year you meet different kinds of people, I mean character, belief, nationality, or even coming from the region where you came from or you speak the same language. Last December (2013) hubby and I was invited by one of our brother and sister in christ to visit Wiener Neustadt.

With Emaly from Wiener Neustadt

Wiener Neustadt is with 41.701 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) is the second largest city of Lower Austria and is about 50 km south of the capital city of Vienna in the industrial area.
We visited and join the first christmas party of the Philippine Catholic Community at Wiener Neustadt.

We arrived around 2pm and stayed after we performed our dance number for that afternon. Late lunch was served after the holy mass followed by their program. What a wonder experienced to learn new friends from the region. One reads here so every now and then, that homesick usually occurs if you where abroad or far from home. Sure, you make new experiences and unforgettable experience. What would interest me, however, is how it is with the “normal” life, interpersonal relationships and homesickness. For us filipinos who are residing here abroad and living with our family is not really a problem. Maybe for those who are here just for work and their families are in the Philippines.

I am interested in time as it went to the people who were for a long time abroad also. Have you quickly made ​​friends and settled you? The acquaintances have joined to form proper friendships, if so, after what period of time? How quickly did you generally settled?