For me Christmas is LOVE, therefore CHRISTMAS (PASKO/ WEIHNACHTEN) is a day of love. However, in many families sometimes it comes to conflict, because all are tired and stressed out by the preparations and the pressure of expectation. Hopefully this not your case by this time!
Apparently most people suffer from Christmas because they experience the holidays as extremely stressful. This begins during the festive season. Mostly in european countries.

Men get stressed because they have a hard time with the Gifts Search, women put themselves under pressure because they want everything planned and organized, it will be a peaceful Christmas and all are under time pressure, because Christmas once again so unexpectedly fast at the door stands.

But we Filipinos we are contented of what we have, where we are and even just for a small celebration. The most important is we celebrated it together with our family with all our LOVE to each and everyone of us.

“Hindi kailangan ang magarbong handaan, naglalakihan at mamahaling regalo basta ang mahalaga ay sama-sama at buo ang pamilya! For almost 30 years na inilagi ko dito sa europa at sa bawa’t pasko na nagdaan sa buhay ko at sa mga darating pang pagdiriwang ng pasko, kuntento na ako na kapiling ko ang aking pamilya, my two kids, Ronald-Louis and Diana-Grace at ang aking kabiyak sa buhay. Marami nang nagdaan na mga magarbong handaan sa aking buhay, walang pinakamasaya at kuntentong pagdiriwang para sa akin kung hindi ko kapiling ang aking pamilya. Malaking pasasalamat sa Poong may likha sa handog na buhay, pag-ibig at pamilya.”

On the 23rd of December we went for christmas shopping at IKEA (SCS-Shopping City Süd) with our dogs, daughter Didi-Grace she drove us and hubby. Picture down here she found time to play with Riyadh and Riyanah (our doggies)!

DIdi played with Doggies at IKEA

Ang sama-samang pag palamuti ng tunay na “Fir Tree” o Christmas Tree – The Ultimate well known around in the city of Vienna the Christmas tree. Although I still do not know why “how beautiful are thy leaves” and its smells wonderful during winter season. But I know that a beautiful Christmas tree is the alpha and omega of a successful Christmas in europe. From purchase of tree and decoration this year we got the decoration stuff from IKEA. Something different for a change as what we have every year!
Picture down our christmas tree bought by hubby, which is not finish-decorating hubby is not yet through with it.

Decorating christmas tree

Here (photo down), this was last year with our son Ronald-Louis and of course with Dad. 🙂  Picture down our christmas tree a plastic one, which is not finish-by decorating hubby is not yet through with it. That was 2 days before christmas.

We had lunch at IKEA Restaurant and while preparing the christmas tree at home hubby made “Turon” for merienda!

Lunch at IKEA and Hubby's Turon-Merienda

The reason why the christmas tree was not in time finished because we watched “Polar Express” from our files, every christmas season I love to watch it all over again 😛

Watching Polar Express and Christmas Tree not finish!

This was the last hours before the 24th of December, and yesterday (December 25) we sleep until noontime, puyat sa kapapanood ng film at home. Laze time for eveybody during christmas season, just at home… but happy.



I spent the day today with my Noytube BFF Dana. We visited the “Unique location” the Vienna Christmas market is located infront of the Rathaus (Municipality/ City Hall) of Vienna. This market is considered as one of the best known and largest of Vienna and has a lot to offer aside from really big-giant Christmas tree. The magical Christmas markets. The aroma of Christmas bakery items and hot punch creates a pre-Christmas atmosphere. And in the Christmas shop children have the opportunity to let their creativity run wild. Countless stalls care for the physical well-being and there is a large range of craft and gift ideas. We warm up ourselves with a delicious mug of himbeerpunsch! 😉
We did our Video recording infront of it, which will be our part for the forthcoming NOYTUBE CHRISTMAS COLLABORATION 2013.


Then we had our light lunch at ROSENBERGER Restaurant behind Hotel Sacher at first district with her son- Daniel and my daughter. We had salad and soup so with the two kids. The Rosenberger Restaurant is an Austrian company in the hospitality industry with a focus on operation of motels and motorway service station. But the one which is located at Maysedergasse 2 at first District of Vienna, is not that bad, one can wondefully meet someone for coffee or lunch to eat something. Often I have just salad with a soup just like today.

Stupid thing is that it extends the whole thing over several floors and basement floors. Since you felt funny when you drive with a full tray of food inside elevator. But you can also sit down somewhere and if you want to stay for more hours. How long you sit , namely nobody cares. 😛


Came back home around six pm just about the right time to light the first candle for the first advent Sunday (week). We begin this first week of Advent by asking Christ to come, to set us free from our sins and from the punishment that we deserve. He is our salvation. On 01 December 2013 is the first Advent. The first Sunday of Advent recalls the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Wishing you all a nice first advent Sunday!