Touch the tragic images of typhoon disaster in the Philippines. Hundreds of thousands of people are left without water, without food, without electricity or a roof over their head. World is now calling for donations. Numerous local celebrities want to help people as quickly as possible in the Philippines.

International helpfulness for Philippines is great – but China holds back.
After the devastating typhoon in the Philippines Haiyan China could do a lot with little effort for its image and present itself as a compassionate neighbor. But because one is at loggerheads with Manila , Beijing provides comparatively little help. Even the furniture company Ikea is more generous than the Middle Kingdom.

The volunteers from Caritas Austria and Andreas Thomas Preindl Zinggl site support local partners to plan the emergency measures such as the distribution of food , sleeping mats and hygiene kits in the Philippines.

First charge Facebook Likes reached the Philippines.
After the devastating typhoon in the Philippines, the first load of Facebook Likes has now reached the affected region . Thus, the international relief effort makes progress for the first time.
I think with these report all over EUROPE, our fellow Kababayans as well as the europeans did a lot from europe to help our mother land!
Even the private sector here in Austria and other neighbouring countries in europe!



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