In the evening it has to be done fast and still be balanced. The ideal dinner is varied, light and healthy. Whether hot or cold, that decided by my daughter tonight. Because she fixed our dinner just in time before hubby came back home after 10 hours duty today!

Chicken breast fillet for dinner

If a quick snack at lunch , a salad or a simple sandwich had to meet , then dinner should fail qualitatively more richer. Otherwise the body lacks full strength products and quality sources of protein. A quick dinner for many means cold to eat. Basically, a cold meal can be as balanced as a hot meal . But it is so that a greater variety of foods is used as for cold food for hot meals. A cooked meal every day helps , therefore , to balance the diet. Whether you eat hot lunch or in the evening , does not matter.

We always prefer to eat dinner at home and without much effort. Quick Recipes are needed which are versatile, healthy and easy. A sumptuous dinner too burdened digestion and disrupts sleep. The single dinner, the food at the family table are valuable to balance the nutritional deficiencies of the day. We had vegetables and soup for lunch today. She decided to cooked chicken breast fillet with cream fine and seasoned with vegeta. Picture down here:

Vegeta for seasoning

VEGETA is a mixture of salt-based flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate with herbs and various vegetables and is sold worldwide as a spice for food such as meat, soups and sauces.


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