Each and every day one is thinking about what I cook tonight? How do you do that? Do you have a weekly plan or you decide spontaneously to suit your mood?
Yes! spontaneously whenever I enter in my kitchen I know what to do… 😉


For our dinner chicken with zucchini and 100 pcs. Lumpiang Shanghai. Whenever there would be left over will be finger food for the kids!


To get rid of almost 3 kg mixed minced meat (calf and beef).


* 500 g Chicken, cut into bite-sized
* 1 pc. Carrot
* 2 pcs. Zucchini
* 4pcs. Tomatoes
* 3 tablespoons Olive Oil
* 2 tsp granulated broth (Vegeta)
* some water
* 3 tablespoons of tomato paste
* 1 tbsp. Tarragon
* Salt and pepper



Wash the chicken breast fillet, dab with kitchen paper and cut into bite-sized.
Heat a pan and add the olive oil fry the chicken until both on all sides brown.
Meanwhile, wash the zucchini and peel the carrots.

Chicken with Tomatoes and Tarragon

To the chicken add tomatoes, tomatoe paste and tarragon. Meanwhile, add along with the carrots and zucchini to the chicken.

Chicken with Zucchini

Finally, add some water and season with vegeta and cook it all over again while stirring. Adjust seasoning if necessary with salt and pepper. Served with rice.


When the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, a hot soup is just the thing to get back to get energy. During summer, light or cold soups are ideal. Whether sweet soup, vegetarian soup, soup with beef, poultry or pork. Here you will see and know how I cooked soup and let what ingredients combine well.


In Asia, soups are eaten any time of day! Take a little trip to the Far East and sample our delicious Asian soups. Just like what I prepared up here for my family!
Something with pork meat like spareribs, with vegetables, with poultry like chicken and noodles too.
Soup without meat or fish is spiced up with special ingredients. It is your choice, please refer to my recipe builder route for vegetarian, fish, meat and poultry soup.


It makes the chicken soup compared to – a plate of vegetable soup tastes superb and simply good. Ideal for a snack to warm up or as a starter.

European Soup

These are few among the soups I had cooked for my family base on european recipes. That soup must be hot, now even a German court has found. When it gets colder just like now, soups are very popular not only in my family but for the others too. As a basis for many warming broths and stews serves the soup vegetables, also called greens, which traditionally consists of carrots, celeriac, leek and parsley. The amount of the purchased soup vegetables is increasing in eorope for years continuously speciallyion winter time.

The ingredients of soup vegetables can vary by region, so there are also partly parsley roots, turnips and onions in practical bundles. The mixtures can be boil spicy broths or use as a base for soups or stews. The preparation is very simple: the vegetables into small pieces, fry, add the stock and let it boil, then puree to taste and flavor with the herbs. Just like what I usually do to my cream soup namely: Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, potatoes, mushrooms and zucchini. For more soup recipe, just check here out from time to time more are coming from my kitchen 😛

Since people cooked their food first, the soup stands for “food” and “Abundance”. Soup symbolizes maternal care, no matter who they prepared – an unknown housewife or a celebrity chef. With an invitation to the soup diet, body and soul of your guests. Soup makes your daily life easier, it symbolizes pleasures of the table, abundance and good company.
The soup is ready – ” good appetite! ” 😉


CHILIS belong to the family of peppers. The oblong fruits are only about two inches long, but 20 times sharper in taste than peppers.
Effect- both fresh and dried fruits act diaphoretic, antiseptic, antibacterial, hemostatic, appetizing and generally promotes healing . Digestion and especially the cycle are strongly encouraged. The components of the chilis kill worms and parasites, and especially help for problems with the respiratory tract, such as for colds, blocked sinuses, tonsillitis and hoarseness. You should not use the hot pods with strong circulation and stomach discomfort.


In the savory kitchen, they are fresh, dried or crushed or quarry. If you have little experience with chilis, should thus initially used sparingly. Even small quantities to ensure that a meal is easily digestible and digestible. Larger quantities should only use the one that likes to eat very spicy just like me.


Parsley is healthy and can be consumed in different ways. Fresh as a culinary herb, as tea or even as a finished product. Parsley has in addition to its use as a spice and medicinal properties. Its high content of vitamin C counteracts invigorating and colds, it also has a diuretic, antispasmodic, expectorant and tonic. You will find, among other things used in the treatment of gout, indigestion, high blood pressure, bad breath, skin diseases and other woman ailments. So, what could you ask more!
Parsley as a cure can be used both internally and externally, plus a choice of tea or a tincture is prepared from leaves, roots or seeds. Both of which can be taken, applied to the skin, and used as an a mouthwash too. Not only for cooking!


This is a very unusual situation which happenned to me often!
I belong to those type of person who loves to GIVE than to RECIEVE 🙂
A colleague of mine from work, she asked me to get her two bottles of Soy Sauce. Because she wants to try my Recipe for “Sotanghon Guisado” (Sauteed Glass Noodles) with chicken breast and shrimps. I brought it twice for dinner during our break time and they loved it. At home seems to be everybody wants to try it. In return she gave me I think it’s more than a kilo of carrots from her garden. Was that much so I cooked carrots cream soup and honey-glazed carrots as side dish to my chicken tikka masala. See Entry down here:


So this was MY HONEY-GLAZED CARROTS side dish!


* 6 pcs. Carrots medium sized, washed, peeled and cut into four parts
* 4 tbsp. Olive oil
* 2 tbsp. Honey
* chopped Parsley
* some water
* Salt to taste


* Heat a pan, add olive oil and carrots. Stir in two tablespoon of honey and pour in about 1/4 cup of water. Let it simmer until it dries. Add salt to taste and chopped parsley. Serve 😉

The crunchy powerfood, improve vision-good for the eyes remembering may late “Nanay” (mother) as what she’s always telling me during my chilhood, eat more often carrots. And most of all you get Vitamin A. It help slows down the aging of cells, so it’s also Anti aging what I need most at this time lol… 😛


I added a bundle of SOUP GREENS—Fresh greens or vegetable soup consists of a bundle of different vegetables that are used to flavor dishes. It usually consists of 1-2 carrots, half a leek, a small piece of celery or celery green and a few branches of parsley or a piece of parsley root.
Carrots, washed but not peeled. Because of dietary fiber which is good for diabetic like me. And also chili powder which is optional. Chili is good for enterohepatic circulation.
Fresh, crisp and so healthy. Carrots come in every season at the plate. Especially good they taste us as creamy soup with whipped cream or can be cooked with coconut milk, a vegan version. Here I used a hand blender or mixer until frothy, was really good. Served with sliced bread 😉



* 1 bundle of Soup Greens
* Carrots, washed but not peeled
* chopped Parsley
* Olive Oil
* Vegeta
* chopped Garlic
* 2 pcs. Onions, peeled and chopped
* Italian Herbs
* 2 pcs. Potatoes, peeled and cut into cubes
* Creme Fine
* some Salt
* Water or soup stock (preferably Vegetable Soup stock)
* chili powder (optional)

HOW TO …….


Cooking 1 kg mussels for 2 people, nothing more is left determined. We enjoyed it (hubby and I) because our two kids would not eat from it. ….. So now I have to cooked eggplant with ground meat and beaten eggs as eggplant “Torta”. That’s all I found in refrigerator for lunch.


I boiled the eggplant and not peeled as what the Filipinos usually do. This is how I did it just watch VIDEO down here 🙂


* 1000g or 1 kilo Mussels, cleaned
* 2 tbsp. Butter
* 2 chopped Scallions or Spring Onions
* 3 cloves chopped Garlic
* 3/4 cup white wine or less
* Salt and pepper
* 3 tbsp. Olive Oil

* 3 pcs. medium-sized Eggplant, washed and boiled
* 4 pcs. Eggs, beaten
* 150g ground meat
* 1pc. Onion, chopped
* 1 broth cube
* pinch of Salt
* 3 tbsp. Olive Oil



Sister Vicky Mercado who celebrated her birthday last October in Saloon Donauplex with the whole choir members of Holy Family Choir and their family.

Menu Card of Saloon Donauplex

The Menu card!
As what in a Saloon belongs; there are also some whiskey’s for connoisseurs but a cocktail hour and Pitcher Cocktails and food of course!

Our First Pina Colada at Saloon Donauplex

My first “Pina Colada” Cocktai that night with sister Eva! 😛

The saloon is Vienna’s largest western saloon, not only for its excellent food, but also by the extraordinary ambience. Fridays and Saturdays, and every first Wednesday of the month – in the run almost every day – it is from 8:30 pm live music at its best: from rock and roll and rockabilly to blues to country music. “The Legendary Daltons”, “Solitude”, “7feet Blues Ramblers’ madness and Vienna are only a few top bands that again and again for great ambience and admission is free.

Spareribs from Saloon Donauplex

Their extensive menu is geared to both the U.S. and in Tex-Mex cuisine and offers a varied menu – from steaks and spare ribs over burgers to finger food.

Tortillas from Saloon Donauplex

Picture above WHITE TORTILLAS with Wasabe and chilli sauce which side dish for my dinner named, FAJITAS DE MIXTAS – under TEX-MEX Kitchen


This is FAJITAS MIXTAS- beef stripes with onions, mais, mushrooms, bell peppers and sauce served with white tortillas!

Friendly and professional service combined with first-class quality and sensational , is a matter of course for the whole team. During summer time – The saloon offers throughout Donauplex the only restaurant in a beautiful spacious garden terrace. The Saloon has a water fog spray system which is good during hot days for a pleasant cooling. They offer also Line dancing lessons with the Dancing Wolves. Indian Draft Beer, Whiskey card for connoisseurs, Cocktail Hour and pitcher cocktails, Gold Digger plate ( a memorable dining experience )for the whole family , Christmas or corporate events up to 300 people. The team of the saloon is always available with help and advice. They also plan and organize: COMPANY CELEBRATIONS, SPECIAL PARTIES, CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS…for up to 500 people … Try it now Folks 😉


Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe, a traditional and very popular Indian chicken dish which is bursting full of flavour and colour. Thi is my version using Chicken Tikka Masala Spice Mix which one of my colleagues gave to me for trying the recipe. I added fresh ginger, tomatoes and onions.

My Chcken Tikka Masala

I served it with Basmati-Safran Rice and Honey-Glazed Carrots. Guten Appetit 😉



* 1 whole chicken, cut into pcs.
* 4 tbsp Chicken Masala Mix
* half Lemon, squeezed
* 2pcs. Onion, schopped
* 2pcs. Tomatoes, chopped
* thumb-sized Ginger, peeled and cut into sticks
* some Olive Oil or Canola Oil
* Salt and Pepper



* Mix chicken with Chicken Tikka Masala Mix and Lemon Juice. Apply thoroughly and leave for about 30 minutes.

Onion, Tomatoes and Ginger for Chicken Tikkka Masala

* In a pot heat some oil, saute onion, ginger and tomatoes. Add chicken pieces corporate all togetther until chicken becomes light brown.

Cooking Chicken Tikka Masala by Dolly

Add some water cook until chicken is done or tender. Adjust seasoning if necessary with salt and pepper or even chicken broth cube would go either.


Touch the tragic images of typhoon disaster in the Philippines. Hundreds of thousands of people are left without water, without food, without electricity or a roof over their head. World is now calling for donations. Numerous local celebrities want to help people as quickly as possible in the Philippines.

International helpfulness for Philippines is great – but China holds back.
After the devastating typhoon in the Philippines Haiyan China could do a lot with little effort for its image and present itself as a compassionate neighbor. But because one is at loggerheads with Manila , Beijing provides comparatively little help. Even the furniture company Ikea is more generous than the Middle Kingdom.

The volunteers from Caritas Austria and Andreas Thomas Preindl Zinggl site support local partners to plan the emergency measures such as the distribution of food , sleeping mats and hygiene kits in the Philippines.

First charge Facebook Likes reached the Philippines.
After the devastating typhoon in the Philippines, the first load of Facebook Likes has now reached the affected region . Thus, the international relief effort makes progress for the first time.
I think with these report all over EUROPE, our fellow Kababayans as well as the europeans did a lot from europe to help our mother land!
Even the private sector here in Austria and other neighbouring countries in europe!


Inspired by one of my colleagues who loves to bake. She gave me this recipe which is so easy to follow and you’ll get a good idea too. I just made some changes with her recipe of course according to my preference, most specially when it comes to sugar since I am a diabetic!
I used low-fat curd (cheese) or lowfat quark. And 250 g sugar is just too much for my taste. I only used 150 g which is absolutely sufficient.



* 1/2 kilo or 500 g Flour
* 750 g low-fat-Curd (cheese) or lowfat Quark
* 150 g Sugar (original recipe 250g Sugar)
* 2 Eggyolk
* Baking powder
* Vanille Sugar
* Pinch Salt
* some Lemon juice


* Mix quark with lemon juice, eggyolk, sugar, salt and vanille sugar wth electric hand mixer.
* Blend baking powder to flour then slowly add to quark mixture stil using electric hand mixer.
* Then form into small balls see to it not too thick otherwise inside is not done.
* Heat some vegetable oil and deep fry until golden brown. Let the rest of oil dried on a kitchen afterwards rolled-in sugar, that’s it and ENJOY Folks 😉


In the evening it has to be done fast and still be balanced. The ideal dinner is varied, light and healthy. Whether hot or cold, that decided by my daughter tonight. Because she fixed our dinner just in time before hubby came back home after 10 hours duty today!

Chicken breast fillet for dinner

If a quick snack at lunch , a salad or a simple sandwich had to meet , then dinner should fail qualitatively more richer. Otherwise the body lacks full strength products and quality sources of protein. A quick dinner for many means cold to eat. Basically, a cold meal can be as balanced as a hot meal . But it is so that a greater variety of foods is used as for cold food for hot meals. A cooked meal every day helps , therefore , to balance the diet. Whether you eat hot lunch or in the evening , does not matter.

We always prefer to eat dinner at home and without much effort. Quick Recipes are needed which are versatile, healthy and easy. A sumptuous dinner too burdened digestion and disrupts sleep. The single dinner, the food at the family table are valuable to balance the nutritional deficiencies of the day. We had vegetables and soup for lunch today. She decided to cooked chicken breast fillet with cream fine and seasoned with vegeta. Picture down here:

Vegeta for seasoning

VEGETA is a mixture of salt-based flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate with herbs and various vegetables and is sold worldwide as a spice for food such as meat, soups and sauces.