JERK TUNA WITH Vegetables was todays lunch at home. I got this fresh Tuna fish from Turkey Shop near Naschmarkt. I cooked it just like dinengdeng with fried tuna ๐Ÿ™‚
With all my favorite vegetables; Saluyot (Jute Leaves), Okra, Sitaw (String Beans), Talong (Eggplant), and Kalabasa (Squash).

Fried Tuna with Vegetables

Seasoned with Bagoong Balayan Sauce and Magic Sarap from the philippines ๐Ÿ˜›
My daughter learned to eat this dish from both of us (hubby and I). But our son not that much he used to eat only the fried fish and the sauce over his rice. The Philippine food itself is certainly not unhealthy. Fruits and vegetables , fish and meat is bought fresh every morning. The one who eats as consistently, his body certainly does not hurt. Nutritionally, the classic sausage, cheese, steak, roast pork, goulash, etc. are more than questionable .
The fast food chains are becoming increasingly popular among the population.

For me the fresh food in the markets is far cheaper than the fast food stuff. Filipino food is not only delicious but healthy as well, there are also more the classic sinigang, adobo and pancit. Which can not compete with other Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, in diversity.
And not to forget our very own sensationally delicious mangoes. For that alone, the Philippines is always worth the trip besides the lovely people at home. My fellow countrymen!



Weekend, lunch and dinner at Budapest-Hungary with Dada and Didi ๐Ÿ™‚
Lively streets, quiet parks, a majestic river, spacious spas and spiers that rise up into the clouds – that is Budapest, a city full of surprises and wonders. One of the most exciting cities in the world. Budapest is full of secrets waiting to be revealed, hidden places, which explored and familiar sights waiting to be rediscovered. This is the city where boredom is a foreign word.

Fatal-Budapest Hungary

Lunch at Fatal Restaurant, the restaurant is located in the historical center of Budapest. Among its special features are nothing here only the stained-glass decorations, but also the culinary specialties: the Vetrece soup, Hungarian bean soup, the highlights mentioned. The paneled with beech capacious seating areas and the fresh draft beers conjure up the atmosphere of old Hungarian Permit. The goen on wood panels (fatal) damage done in clay or cast iron pans servings speak, determines all of those who like to say, “It tastes exactly as if it had cooked for my mother.”

The restaurant is taking over this year, the organization of banquets, weddings, conferences, Empfingen, wine tasting, and family celebrations. You can celebrate your romantic celebrations in the rumen, in the courtyard and in the ancient vaults of the neighboring killer Pintรฉr Palace.
That was the weekend we spent at Budapest, Hungary!