Sometimes you just want to be alone. Sometimes you have to step back, to find yourself. When everything is messed up and it hurts. Then you don’t have any idea where the perfect place to run too.
Some steps need to be taken alone until you fight yourself to discover the real you, there is only one winner…

Sometimes I have to step back

Closing the door once in awhile is good. It helps to connect and reflect, need to understand the loving care with which God closes doors in your life. He is the one who opens and closes doors in our life. Maybe to change directions, incentive to pray more…or it’s a blessing… . People around me don’t understand… or maybe because they don’t know the real Me! But God knows me so well, and that counts a lot. Thank you so much Lord for all the trials that made my family more closer to you, increased our faith and understanding why you allowed some severe adversity to hit me in the first place. But made me more stronger than ever.



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