👩‍🍳They said “Alugbati” or Malabar spinach is a luscious vegetable. Which is very true. I use to cook it with sautéed Mung bean, mussels and even in my Pinakbet. It is rich in iron, Vitamins A, B, C and calcium as well. There are two variations of it namely the green and purple one. The purple one is known to be a good source of xanthones, an antioxidant

My ALUGBATI after a week today

My alugbati in my kitchen after a week today, so healthy. I really love it as my main vegetables specially with sautéed Mung bean and on my mussels soup. My daughter, she learned how to eat it just like me before. I knew it from my late mother how healthy this vegetable is. My late mother always says; eating green leafy vegetables can help us live longer, I grew up with it.

My alugbati 2nd day after I did transfered in a pot

This was taken second day after I did transfered in a pot in my kitchen. You see the difference how it develop so fast compared to the other photo above. I planted it from cuttings the one I bought for cooking a week ago. Then I soaked the cuttings in water overnight before I planted it in a wide pot as you seen in this picture above. May gulay ka na na pang sahog-sahog basta alagaan lang ng mabuti para laging magbigay ng masaganang dahon!


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