Pasta-Chicken Soup and Buns was today’s breakfast. We got up late as usual, it’s weekend!
We really love soup with pasta, was in my mind last night so I did it. I know it will be late breakfast but early lunch for everybody today. Weather was so lovely not so cold unlike last three weeks. But still hot soup is preferably at home.


I have chicken broth in the refrigerator from my chicken wings the other night, the one I added here for sopas. I used to boil first before deep frying. (Kasi kung minsan may dugo pa sa loob tapos sa labas crispy na kapag deep fry kaagad, lalo na yong hita.) Boiling chicken also kills bacteria, though frying it in hot oil would have the same effect.
In addition to the soup a buns, tastes quite delicious. This is sooo tasty and warming. And this bun! I wish you a good appetite!


For dinner hubby, he scheduled himself 😛
He rung me up around one o’ clock in the afternoon, (that was during his breaktime snack from job) that I should defrost the orata (Sea bream) or goldbrasse for his cooking. I started boiling the mongo and took out all the stuff he would need for cooking. So when he came home around 4 pm (for about 2 hours ago), it was just tsak, tsak, tsak….and Voila, Mongo-guisado and fried orata or goldbrasse….we just finished our dinner 😀

Tha’s what I call division of labor 😉
Me for kids breakfast and lunch, hubby for the dinner!
Sometimes the kids take part too, even if only a very simple cooking in the kitchen. It is a kind of practise for their own in the future. Inviting them into the kitchen to help me cook can be a great way to create quality time together and help them learn and refine some basic skills. Eventhough there both old enough, son is 20 years of age and daughter is 18.

Pero kapag sinusumpong ng katamaran wala akong magagawa at sasabihin bibili or order nalang ng PIZZA o di kaya ay Kebap. 😦
Anyway, hindi naman madalas mangyari sa amin dahil sanay ang dalawang anak namin na kumain ng sariling luto sa kusina ko. Pareho naman kaming marinong magluto mag-asawa at nakasanayan na namin maliban sa passion ko talaga.


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